Wedding Planner Insurance

When you play a pivotal role in creating a couple’s most memorable day, there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You create the confetti-scattered, picture-perfect wedding for your happy couple, and we know you make it all appear effortless. But the process is often fraught with challenges far beyond last-minute colour scheme changes and wilting bouquets. With many different puzzle pieces to pull together, you need to juggle venues, caterers, waiting staff, musicians and DJs. If any one of these pulls out, the responsibility to fill the gap lands on you.

If there’s something you’re acutely aware of as a wedding planner – it’s the need to be prepared for every eventuality. You’ll be keen to secure robust wedding planner insurance to protect your business and its reputation so that you can continue to weave your matrimonial magic, whatever happens.


What type of cover is included in wedding organiser insurance?

You can tailor your wedding planning insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your wedding event-planning business. Whether you work alone or with a team, from home or from business premises, coverage can be compiled to offer your business security. This cover includes:

  • Public liability – to protect you against claims made by members of the public for injury or damage to their personal property. Accidents and property damage, unfortunately, aren’t rare at a wedding. With high attendee numbers, often an unfamiliar venue for guests, and free-flowing bubbly, it’s easier for accidents to happen. If a wedding guest asserts that their injury or property damage wasn’t their fault, you could find yourself liable. Though a wedding venue will often hold its own liability cover, event organisers must still have their own.
  • Professional liability – also known as professional indemnity coverage, this safeguards you against negligence claims or acts in the course of your work that impact the wedding or those who are part of it. This is a crucial cover to hold because, being such an emotionally charged event, clients are prone to having exacting standards and may look harshly upon any mistake that they feel negatively affected their day.
  • Employers’ liability – if you personally hire staff to help run your business or to work at a wedding, it is a legal requirement in the UK that you hold this type of cover. The only exception to this rule is if your staff are immediate family members.
  • Building and/or contents – if you work from an office, you must protect this asset with buildings cover so that should it become damaged and unusable, your business won’t financially suffer. Protecting contents vital to running your wedding business, such as your laptop, devices and wedding décor, is also necessary.
  • Legal expenses – to make sure your business finances won’t take the hefty hit of defending a third-party claim through the legal system.
  • Error and omissions – an incredibly useful cover to hold in your line of work. If your clients claim that advice you gave them or a decision you made negatively impacted their wedding day, they could make a claim for negligence against your business.


If I work for a wedding planning/events company, do I still need my own wedding planner insurance?

Your company must clarify what type of coverage you’re protected by as their employee. It could leave you financially vulnerable if a claim made against you fails to be defended by your company. With plenty of competitive quotes available through Park Insurance, it’s well worth protecting yourself with your own wedding planner insurance.


Will I be covered if a member of staff or myself becomes injured?

Especially if your work alone or with a small team, an injury can have a significant impact on the running of your business. For the self-employed, injuries can be a real worry because you know how devasting your or a key staff member’s inability to work would be. In fact, it could even lead to the cancellation of your booked weddings.

For staff members, employers’ liability coverage offers protection should a staff member become injured while they’re at work. However, to negate the impact of them being unable to work due to an injury, you might like to ask about adding key person cover to your policy.

When it comes to you being injured and unable to work, personal accident cover may be helpful too.


At Park Insurance, we have many decades of experience working alongside self-employed individuals and event-based businesses. We love to learn all about your enterprise, and then we draw upon our extensive knowledge to curate an insurance policy that reflects the unique needs of your business. Our friendly, talented insurance experts will put you at ease as they explain exactly how they’ll protect the wedding planning business you’ve worked so hard to establish.

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