Horsebox Insurance FAQs

Q. Why do I need horsebox insurance?

A. The number of horsebox thefts has steadily increased in recent years, and horseboxes are seen as easy targets as well as very saleable by thieves. The cost of replacing a horsebox can run into thousands of pounds. Horsebox insurance can help to ease the financial burden and allow you to replace like-for-like at no extra cost.


Q. Can you insure motorised horseboxes and horse lorries?

A. Yes. Our insurance for motorised boxes and horse Lorry insurance provides you with the same peace of mind and comprehensive cover. We can provide cover for any motorised horsebox with up to six stalls at a competitive rate, which will ensure you conform to any legal requirements.


Q. Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

A. We always advise that Public Liability Insurance is a wise addition to any equestrian insurance package. For private riders it can protect you financially should your horse injure someone else or cause damage to their property (such as kicking a car), while for riding schools and riding instructors PLI cover is absolutely essential to protect your business and even your personal finances.


Q. I have an older animal. Can you insure them?

A. Yes. Our veteran horse insurance is designed to provide cover for older animals, so you can take care of vet bills and treatment without any financial worries.


Q. Do I need insurance to hold an equestrian event?

A. Yes. If you are holding a show or event on your land then you will need Public Liability Insurance at the very least. You will also need to check with your local authority to find out what licensing requirements are needed, and what insurance you need to comply. For more information, call one of our advisors for practical, impartial help.


Q. Can you insure riding instructors?

A. Yes. We provide comprehensive riding instructor insurance for professional teachers, as well as comprehensive riding school cover for livery yards, stables and riding centres.


Q. Does my insurance include breakdown cover?

You can include horsebox breakdown cover in your equestrian insurance package. This can ensure you and your animals get home safely, and if necessary provide overnight stabling for your animal and hotel accommodation for you.


Q. How much will equine insurance cost me?

A. That will depend on the level of cover you require and what type of insurance you want. You can get an instant, no-obligation quote by filling out our quote form, or if you’re not sure what type of equine insurance is right for you, simply contact us direct and talk to one of our friendly team for expert advise.


Q. How can I reduce the cost of my horsebox insurance?

A. Just like motor insurance, you can do a few things yourself to cut the cost of your premiums. Fitting immobilisers and alarms to your horsebox will certainly help to cut the price of your premiums, while ensuring that your horsebox is stored in a secure location (such as a locked barn) can also help.


Q. Does your horsebox insurance include a no-claims bonus?

A. Yes, we offer all our clients a protected no-claims bonus, including those looking for horsebox insurance.


Q. I only use my horsebox occasionally. Do I still need insurance?

A. Yes, it’s always wise to ensure that your insurance doesn’t lapse, even when you’re not using your box for some time. We can also offer reduced rates for limited mileage cover.


Q. Is my horsebox insurance valid abroad?

A. Some horsebox insurance will cover you for overseas travel, but you will need to check with your broker before setting off to ensure you have international cover as well as UK-based insurance.

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