Actors Car Insurance

For people in certain occupations, getting car insurance can be surprisingly difficult, and it may be necessary to go through a specialist car insurance provider.

At Park Insurance, we have the experience, connections and knowhow needed to get a good deal on car insurance for actors, footballers and other people whose occupation makes getting insured a nightmare.

Why is car insurance for actresses, actors and sportsmen so expensive?

One of the key concepts that influences the cost of insurance is risk. Many insurers believe that people like professional actors, footballers and other sportsmen and women present a higher risk. Reasons for the high cost of car insurance for sportsmen and car insurance for actresses and actors include the perceived fast-paced and glamorous lifestyles that those at the top of these professions are associated with, and the greater risks to property from being in the public eye.

Even if you’re only a bit-part actor or a lower league footballer, you may have found it more difficult to get car insurance. This is firstly because, in many cases insurers use broad generalisations to calculate risk, and secondly because even if you’re small-time today, you could potentially move up to the ‘big leagues’ tomorrow. On top of this, you may fraternise with others in your profession who are major stars. For example, if you give them a lift home from the studio one day and they are injured in a crash, the cost to the insurer can be considerable.

Park Insurance – Your solution for high risk occupation car insurance

At Park Insurance we don’t believe that car insurance for sportsmen and others in the bracket of ‘high risk occupation car insurance’ should be penalised for what they do. We can find an insurance deal tailored for you and based on individual merit, not on what you do.