Equestrian Insurance

If you’re running a farm, stables or livery then one of the biggest assets to your business is your livestock. Horses in particular can be worth thousands of pounds, and if your stable includes premium bloodline breeding stock then the value of your animals could run into hundreds of thousands, or even millions.


In the same way you would insure your other assets, you need to protect your animals. And that’s where we can help.


For over 20 years Park Insurance has been providing clients with the very best in specialist insurance. Whether you’re looking for equine Insurance, stables and livery yard cover or want to protect your other assets, we can find affordable, comprehensive cover that gives you complete peace of mind.


Why you need equestrian insurance 

Replacing your farm or stable equipment would cost a fortune, so naturally you protect your investment by taking out insurance for horseboxes, vehicles and even the buildings themselves. But what about your animals? If you’re running an equine business, your biggest assets are your horses. For thoroughbred bloodlines, that could mean major investment in both racing and breeding stock. Keeping your animals healthy means plenty of vet’s visits, and these too cost money.


So at Park we help ease your financial burden by providing cover that cuts the costs of those bills, as well as offering you complete protection for shows, events and trials. We can offer businesses looking for equine insurance in the UK with cover that includes:


How we do it 

At Park Insurance we use our position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s leading insurance providers, as well as our experience and expertise in the specialist insurance market to find you policies that suit your business model, your needs and your budget. We are independent and fully regulated, so you know that the information you’re being given is impartial and balanced, and focused around you and your needs.


To find out more and to get a quote for equestrian insurance that’s affordable, practical and suited to your exact requirements, give us a call today and talk to one of our friendly advisors. 

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