Adult Industry Insurance

Adult Industry Insurance

Adult Industry Insurance

The adult industry is exactly what it says it is – an industry. Just like any other business, the adult film and sex industry has to work to specific guidelines, which includes having the right insurance. However, because of the nature of the business, escort agencies, lap dancing clubs and those running legitimate sex shops or involved in the adult entertainment industry face real challenges when trying to get adult industry insurance at an affordable price.

At Park Insurance, we don’t believe that anyone should have difficulty in getting the cover they need to protect themselves, their employees, and their operation, regardless of the nature of their business. So we work with forward-thinking insurance providers to find anyone involved in the adult entertainment industry affordable, comprehensive cover.

We have over 30 years’ experience in providing expert advice and acting as brokers for customers with specific adult industry insurance requirements, which includes the adult entertainment industry. Insurance is essential for everyone – make sure you have a broker in your corner that understands what you want, what your business needs, and how to find the best deal at the best price.

What kind of adult industry insurance cover do I need?

It really depends on what kind of business you run. If you are operating a sex shop then shop insurance should cover most eventualities. This includes Business Interruption cover (if you are unable to operate due to damage through flooding, fire or civil unrest), Products liability (essential if you’re selling sex toys), and commercial building insurance.

You’ll also need to think about public liability insurance if you have the public coming to your premises. And remember that you are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance if you employ anyone, even if it’s only as a contractor or on a part-time basis.

Adult industry insurance for strip clubs

If you run a lap dancing club or strip bar then you’ll need insurance designed specifically for licenced premises. Bar and strip club insurance should give you the cover you need, as well as additional cover for employees, protection against theft or damage, and business interruption.

It is also advisable to have public liability insurance to protect you against claims or injury or damage to property from members of the public. Even if your club is a private, member’s only establishment, you will need to protect yourself and your business from claims from customers.

You’ll need to think about other strip and lap dancing club insurance aspects too, for things such as your lighting and sound equipment, and protecting cash on the premises and in transit. Commercial building insurance should also protect you financially against damage from fire or flooding.

Don’t forget your vehicle

If you run adult parties or adult entertainment events such as stripper appearances at stag or hen dos, then don’t forget that the vehicle you use to get to your appointments must have the correct type of insurance. If you’re using your vehicle for the purposes of your business then normal car insurance will not cover you, even if your policy is fully comprehensive. You will need to get commercial car insurance that includes the use of your vehicle for business purposes, to ensure you’re fully protected.

What about sex industry insurance?

The type of sex industry insurance you need will ultimately depend on the type of services you offer. For example, if your speciality is BDSM or Dominatrix then you might find it difficult to get insurance that protects you against claims for personal injury.

Those working as escorts can take out personal injury protection, as well as loss of earnings cover in case you are unable to work for any reason.

Protecting your online business

If your business is purely an online operation, you will still need to protect yourself, and your assets. If your website is hacked (a common problem in the online sex industry), then the impact to your earnings can be considerable. Business interruption insurance may cover you and keep an income coming in, even if you are unable to trade for a while. You’ll also need to think about product insurance if you are selling sex toys or equipment online.

Adult industry insurance is available for every type of business connected to the sex and adult entertainment industry, including:

  • Escort agencies
  • Strip Bars
  • Lap Dancing Clubs
  • Adult Parties
  • Adult/Sex toy and clothing retailers, including on-line sales
  • Adult/Sex toy and clothing manufacturers
  • Adult Entertainers
  • Strippers

At Park Insurance, we use our position as preferred brokers to find comprehensive insurance at a price that you can afford, with generous policy limits and flexible payment terms.

For more information and a confidential chat with one of our experienced advisors, contact us today or use our online contact form below to get in touch.

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