Entertainer Insurance

Whether you’re a musician, children’s entertainer, DJ, cabaret artist, street performer or any other type of entertainer, your work inevitably brings you close to the public on a regular basis.

Of course, while this is the lifeblood of what you do – entertaining the public – it also leaves you vulnerable to the risk of litigation should something go wrong. This is where performer or entertainer insurance comes in handy.


Public liability insurance for entertainers

Clearly the specific risks and hazards that may occur will vary depending on the type of entertainment work you do, but generally just about anything that brings you into close contact with the public has the potential to go awry. If this results in someone being injured or suffering loss to themself or their property, they may bring a claim for compensation against you. By having entertainer insurance that includes public liability cover, you can effectively protect yourself from the financial consequences.

You may not feel that your entertainment puts the public at risk, but accidents can still occur even if you’re making balloon animals for five-year-olds or singing on a stage at events. If a member of the public trips on your sound system cable or one of your speakers falls and smashes property on the client’s premises, you could face a claim.

If you’re just starting out, it’s also worth bearing in mind that some venues may not book you to perform if you do not have your own public liability cover.


Other types of entertainer insurance

If you use expensive equipment – such as musical instruments, amplifiers and props – as part of your act, it may also be prudent to take out cover for these in case of theft, loss or accidental damage.

Don’t put yourself in the position of needing to cancel a booking or end up out of pocket by making an emergency hire of equipment if there’s a problem with your own. When discussing equipment cover, make it clear to your insurer where you store your equipment and if you transport this in a vehicle. You’ll need to ensure you’re covered for damages or losses in transit, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road.

Your entertainer insurance policy might also include cover which will pay out in the event that you’re unable to work because of damage/loss to your equipment or due to personal injury. While it might be easy to scoff at this level of cover as unnecessary, it can really come into its own during ‘the bad times’, particularly for self-employed entertainers who are dependent on themselves. The pandemic taught us how quickly things can change, so if you want extra peace of mind, consider taking out income protection in case an illness or injury leaves you unable to work for an extended period.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need Employer’s Liability Insurance?

If you pay anyone to help you carry out your gigs, even on a part-time basis, by law, you will need to take out at least £5 million of employers’ liability cover. Perhaps you hire someone to set up tables for you at children’s parties or to inflate and supervise the bouncy castle. If you pay an assistant to perform in your acts or to provide music or any other service – if they’re paid by you rather than by the client, you must hold this cover.

The notable exception to this rule is if the person who helps you out is a direct family member, such as a spouse, sibling or parent.


Will Entertainer Insurance cover my business premises?

Entertainer and performer insurance may not cover your business premises and contents as standard, but you can easily add this cover to your policy. Protect your building from flooding, storm damage, or fire, and ensure any expensive equipment and contents you store there are afforded sufficient protection.


Are there types of entertainment that won’t be covered?

Performer insurance can cover a broad range of entertainment, from comedy acts and kids entertainers to musicians and DJs. If you’re concerned your entertainment niche may hold additional risks, speak to your insurer to ensure you’re fully protected. Perhaps you work with live animals or encourage audience participation? You can receive a tailored policy to keep you and your audience safe by simply letting your insurer know.


Can I get entertainer or performer insurance for a single event?

If you only perform occasionally, you can take out public liability insurance for entertainers for just one performance. However, if this is how you make your living, your policy can stipulate that the cover is for multiple events across a year.

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