Community Centre Insurance

Community centres are often the heart and soul of any location. Essential as meeting places for all ages, they deliver a real service to the community and are often much loved too! But running a community centre can be tough, so to make life easier at Park Insurance we can put together a community centre insurance package that’s precisely tailored to your needs – and your budget.


Community centre insurance that’s affordable and effective


Running a community centre is often a labour of love, with tight margins and even tighter budgets. So insurance costs need to be kept down. At Park Insurance we use our position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s largest insurance providers to seek out the best deals for our customers, no matter what type of cover they need. From packages that include public liability cover and employer’s liability insurance through to building and contents insurance and commercial premises cover, we can help.


What you need


If you’re a community centre manager you’ll need to run your operation just like a business. And that means factoring in business insurance too. Top of the list has to be public liability insurance. Community centres are open to the public, which means if anyone is injured while on the premises then you could be liable for any subsequent compensation claim. Public liability cover protects you financially against the cost of legal action.


If you have employees or even volunteers working at the centre then another insurance essential is Employer’s Liability cover. This is a legal requirement, even if your staff only work part-time or are volunteers. To make sure you comply with the law, our trained advisers can help you find the right kind of cover that’s also affordable and won’t break the budget.


A future for your community centre


Community centres are vital links within a neighbourhood to help keep old and young alike connected. You need to ensure that your community centre is protected. That includes buildings and content insurance to cover your community assets, so that if the worst happens, you can get your centre back up and running quickly with minimal financial impact.


To find out more about community centre insurance packages from Park Insurance, simply contact us today and talk to one of our expert advisers, or use our online contact form to get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you an instant, no-obligation quote tailored specifically to your needs.

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