Medical Indemnity Register

Founded in 1990, for more than 30 years the Medical Indemnity Register (MIR) has enabled medical professionals and therapists from all disciplines to feel confident about helping people in need whatever the circumstances.

In a workplace environment, any doctor, nurse, therapist or even dentist is ordinarily covered against malpractice by their employer’s medical indemnity insurance – as long as they are working in a professional capacity. However, care given in a non-professional capacity, such as that given for an unrelated medical emergency occurring in the place of work, or outside of work, may not necessarily be covered. For example, if you were to give emergency first aid outside of work you may not be covered and if something went wrong, you could be sued.

Medical Malpractice Insurance For Every Health Professional

We deal with individuals, companies, insurance brokers, intermediaries, first aiders, and more, and are experts in both medical and insurance matters. We are also approved and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Medical malpractice insurance services we provide can be split into three categories. Good Samaritan acts, Non-Samaritan acts and Employer liability insurance.

Our aim is to provide medical practitioners in all fields the peace of mind to allow them to help people in whatever way they can. When they’re using their own specialist skills, they should be able to work without the fear of costly litigation. Our cost-effective insurance provides protection against medical indemnity that applies to all medical care given by a health professional, whether they are working in a professional capacity or otherwise, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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