Roller Skating Rink Insurance

Roller skating rink insurance is essential for any business owner that wants to protect themselves from financial risk. Roller skating has been around for some time now, but even in an age of iPads, X-boxes and other electronic amusements it remains a popular activity for families, teenagers and adults.

Perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity as a recreational activity is that it combines the physicality of a sport with the fun and sociability of dancing. For some people it is a sport in its own right, and the roller rink is a vital place to practice.

Insurance for Roller Skating Rinks

If you own or operate a roller skating rink you inevitably get people of all ages and skill levels coming in to skate on a daily basis. With such high volumes of people and the aforementioned physicality of roller skating, even with the most attentive attitude towards safety the occasional accident is unavoidable. Often these will be down to the carelessness of the individual, but in a minority of cases you may be legally culpable and exposed to the financial risk of a compensation claim against you.

Having the correct level of public liability cover included in your roller skating rink insurance policy is the most effective way of nipping this problem in the bud and delivering peace of mind. With this cover and employer’s liability insurance, you can be sure that even if an accident does occur at your rink and you are held legally accountable, you won’t have to pay a penny.

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