Stables & Livery Yard Insurance

You’ve spent years building up your livery or riding school business, so isn’t it about time you made sure that all that hard work and your assets is properly protected? At Park Insurance we understand how hard it can be to make a business successful, so we make sure our stables and livery yard insurance is specially developed to meet your very specific needs.


More than 20 years of providing expert advice and comprehensive cover to our clients means that we have a unique understanding of your sector. So our livery yard insurance is designed to give you financial protection for everything – from your buildings, your horseboxes and your animals, right through to comprehensive Public Liability Insurance that gives you the cover you want at an affordable price.


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Exclusive equestrian insurance for the trade

While you may have the same type of business needs as any other industry, we recognise that there are unique specifications in the equestrian sector that demand a greater level of cover. So our equine insurance and livery yard insurance packages can include:


Public liability insurance for riding schools

If your stables offers riding lessons to the public then it’s essential that you have adequate Public Liability Insurance. This will protect you financially against the legal costs if a person is injured and makes a compensation claim, or if their property is damaged. Our experts can give you impartial, no-nonsense advice on the right level of riding school insurance for your business, and how much PLI you will need.

We can also source comprehensive and affordable riding instructor insurance for individual instructors, whether they’re based at a single yard or teach at several different locations.

If you’ve spent years building up your riding school, insurance is an essential part of your business plan and vital to protect the time, effort and financial commitment you’ve made to your business. To make sure you have the right level of cover, contact us today to find out more about our full range of riding stables and livery yard insurance.


Though you may be very comfortable around horses and within the equestrian environment, there are many risks within this setting that livery yard insurance offers protection against. Whether you’re running a commercial livery yard, a riding school or have your own personal stables, some issues can arise that leave you financially vulnerable. To reassure you that you’re safe and secure, whatever happens, take a read through these frequently asked questions to see how livery insurance may be of benefit.


Do I need livery yard insurance?

Though many of the covers offered by horse stable insurance aren’t currently a legal obligation in the UK, it’s a good idea to hold livery insurance for your finances and peace of mind. Even if you aren’t a commercial enterprise, the level of risk associated with your yard and the expensive equipment and stock you hold are all well-worth protecting.


Livery yard insurance - Shows horse feeding in a stablesWhat coverage is offered by horse stable insurance?

In addition to offering the public liability insurance that protects you against claims made for injury and personal property damage, stables insurance usually provides:

  • Employers’ liability cover – to safeguard your finances should an employee raise a compensation claim. Even if you only hire part-time staff or people you know, if you pay people to work in your livery yard, the law states that you need a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability cover. It’s also an excellent idea to hold this cover if you have volunteers or individuals on work experience – even if they’re unpaid.
  • Tack and saddlery cover – to protect the investment you or your clients made in these expensive pieces. This will cover you for accidental damage and loss, and you may be able to add coverage for theft too.
  • Equipment cover – if you own horses, you know how costly all their associated equipment is. It will therefore be good news that your livery yard insurance can include equipment cover. Should your equine equipment become accidentally damaged or lost, you’ll be able to purchase a replacement quickly. If you use specialist equipment in your yard, such as heated pads or clippers, you may be able to add cover for these too. Likewise, quads, trailers and other equine machinery may also be eligible for cover after discussion with your insurer.
  • Stock and contents cover – is especially useful if your office is on-site at the livery yard, as it will protect items such as your computer or laptop. This cover will also protect your expensive horse feed, which is invaluable when you buy in bulk and seasonally.
  • Business interruption cover – protects your finances should you find your livery yard unable to run due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.


Can livery insurance cover injury to my horses?

Get in touch with a trusted insurer such as Park Insurance to discuss additional livery insurance coverage such as custodial liability. This can cover injuries to the horses at your yard caused by your property (such as a fence or a piece of equipment).


Are there any exclusions I should be aware of?

To make successful claims for the likes of theft, you’ll need have ensured that your livery yard is suitably secure, for example, by installing a CCTV system.

You may not be able to get cover if multiple businesses are operating from the same yard.

It is likely that you’ll be expected to meet risk assessment stipulations, such as fencing off muck heaps.


If you’re keen to protect your livery business, get in touch with one of the experienced and friendly insurance experts at Park Insurance. With decades of experience managing complex specialist insurance needs, Park insurance is ideally placed to assess your livery yard requirements and tailor a policy that offers all the protection you need.

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