Motor Fleet Insurance

When purchasing fleet insurance, the challenge is to find insurance with the appropriate balance between service and cost.

All business’s want competitive insurance premiums especially in today’s economic climate, but a motor fleet insurer with an inferior claims service can be detrimental to the business and cost far more in the long run than paying a increased premium and being insured with a reputable fleet insurer.

We are specialists in providing motor fleet insurance for:

  • Private Cars
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Couriers and Delivery Services
  • Agricultural Fleets
  • Contractors
  • Private Hire Operators and Taxi Fleets

Our fleet insurance team who have all joined us from a reputable fleet insurer will assist you through the complex administration process, ensuring an easy negotiation of the various declarations and annual adjustments necessary for your fleet insurance policy.

In today’s market Risk Management plays a very important part did you know One in three road traffic collisions involve people driving as part of their job, costing businesses time and money. The hidden costs estimated with every vehicle collision are estimated to be at least four times the cost of repairing the damaged vehicle. That’s why many of our fleet insurers provide risk management services.

Risk Management will allow you to make informed decisions about collision reduction strategies, legal compliance, training programmes and vehicle selection, and helps identify where you can make health and safety improvements.

Taking a proactive approach to managing work-related road safety will benefit your business in several ways.

  • Reduced costs associated with uninsured losses, absenteeism, lost productivity and damage to your brand and reputation
  • A reduced risk of harm to drivers and other road users
  • Greater compliance with legislation
  • Improved Corporate and Social Responsibility

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