Group Personal Accident Insurance

Just Imagine if one of your employees become injured and is unable to work for months – if ever again. Such a situation could result in expensive compensation payments. And should the employee be one of your key employees, you might even experience loss of business if customers choose to go elsewhere because of business disruption.

That’s why Group Personal Accident Insurance is specifically designed to help organisations reduce financial losses resulting from such situations.

Policy benefits and entitlements:

  • Payment is available on a weekly basis for loss of income due to accidental injury
  • Lump sum payments for death and permanent disabilities for accidents
  • Cover is available 24 hours worldwide, or can be limited to working hours
  • Losses will be insured up to 104 weeks after the accident or illness

Coverage sections of the policy:

  • Accidental Death
  • Broken Bones due to Accident
  • Temporary Total Disablement due to Accident
  • Permanent and Partial Disability due to Accident

If you want to insure yourself against the financial effects of the loss of an employee then contact Park Insurance now. Personal Accident is also seen by employees as a generous staff benefit whilst being very cost-effective to provide.

Because of our experience in providing group personal accident insurance, we are able to offer comprehensive coverage at a very competitive premium.

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