Stadium Insurance

Stadiums are big business and can be used for a variety of purposes. Music concerts, sporting events, comedy gigs, huge seminars and even corporate festivals all have one thing in common – lots of people. With your stadium packed to capacity and everyone enjoying themselves, the unfortunate truth is that there is plenty of potential for accidents and injuries, no matter how many precautions you’ve put in place. To protect yourself and your business, you need to find the best stadium insurance on the market.

Solid as a Rock

Stadium insurance is one of those that demands more from its cover than regular building insurance. Under the stadium umbrella, you’re looking at factors such as public liability insurance, building and contents cover, worker liability insurance, equipment cover and a whole host of others. Park insurance has been delivering competitively priced and solid-as-a-rock insurance products to their customers for over 20 years. We’re the name behind some of the UK’s most innovative and specialist insurance websites, such as Easy2Insure and Secure Underwriting.

Run for Cover

With our pedigree, expertise and experience, you can be sure that we’ll find you the cover that covers all your needs, at prices that can’t be beaten. Our professional and friendly brokers operate on a jargon-free basis, so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Stadium insurance is a form of cover that many insurers balk at but, with our extensive list of contacts and formidable negotiating power, we can find you the right policy in a timeframe that suits you.

With all there is to consider in running your business, stadium insurance is something you really can’t do without. However, don’t just trust it to the Internet or the first firm you come across – trust it to the experts. Call Park Insurance and whenever you need to run for cover, you can do it safe in the knowledge that it’ll be the best that money can buy. Call us today: we’re waiting to help.

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