Converted trailer insurance

If your foodie business uses a converted trailer, insurance will need to be just as inventive as your brand. Our specialist team understands the unique needs of mobile catering businesses – even if you sell your wares from the back of an old horsebox. We’ll guide you through the type of insurance you may need. And we’ll search our extensive list of trusted insurance contacts to negotiate reliable cover at a low price.


Clever insurance solutions for your clever idea

From gin bars to boutique hotel rooms, there’s no end to the creative uses for old trailers. The ultimate way to make your food or drinks stand out from the gazebos, it’s an enterprising up-cycle that makes getting your stuff to and from an event simple. Whether you plan to sell your wares at country shows or cater at weddings, if you’re running your business from the back of a repurposed trailer, there are a selection of insurance products you may need to consider.


Our friendly team will help you to work out what cover you need and what you don’t. We’ll then develop a bespoke package, so you pay only for what is necessary. This could include:


  • Public liability insurance. This pays your legal costs if a member of the public is injured or property is damaged by something to d with your business. This can include claims for food poisoning and allergic reactions due to mislabelled food or drinks.
  • Employer’s liability insurance. This is a legal essential if you employ any members of staff, even if they are a family member or work part-time. It pays the legal fees if a member of the team is injured or their property damaged, by anything to do with your business
  • Converted trailer insurance. This is the specific insurance for your converted trailer itself. You’re likely to have spent a considerable amount converting it, so protect your investment from fire, theft or damage.
  • Vehicle insurance. You’ll need specialist commercial vehicle insurance for the car or van that you use to tow your trailer. Buying breakdown insurance at the same time can be cost-effective and give you reassurance that if you break down on the way to a booking, you can continue on your way with minimum fuss and hassle.
  • Specialist equipment insurance. Covering your special equipment, such as generators, freezers, inside your converted trailer against damage, fire, and theft.
  • Money cover. If you’re likely to be handling lots of cash, you’ll be a target for thieves. Money cover gives you peace of mind that cash is covered when you’re out selling and on your way to the bank.


How does Park Insurance secure the best price on converted trailer insurance you can trust?

We’re independent brokers with 30 years of experience helping businesses like yours. We’ll shop around our extensive list of trusted insurance providers and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Call our expert team now on 0117 9556835 or fill in the form below for your free quote.


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