Visitor Attraction Insurance

Britain is packed with some of the most interesting visitor attractions in the world. From model villages and gorges to mining works and museums, they are all open to the public and can make for a fascinating day out. However, behind the scenes, many of these attractions require careful or constant maintenance to ensure their longevity. In addition, older or more hazardous attractions may pose a risk, however small, to the people that visit them. As the owner of a visitor attraction, you need the best combination of protection and pricing that visitor attraction insurance has to offer.

A Wide Range of Bases

A visitor attraction insurance policy has to cover a wide range of bases. Even if an attraction is constantly maintained, they can erode and become unstable. While this in itself presents a risk to the visitors, there is also a significant financial implication for the owner, in the event that it becomes damaged or even destroyed. The public themselves can cause damage to an attraction, simply due to the sheer weight of numbers or the frequency of visitors, not to mention wanton vandalism. This, in turn, can increase the risk to the public.

Unique Cover for Unique Attractions

Because each attraction is unique, then each visitor attraction insurance cover has to follow suit; what works for one may not work for another. At Park Insurance, not only do we specialise in sourcing elusive policies for those in specialist industries, we are also able to negotiate specific products on our clients’ behalves. With over 25 years in the industry and a team of professionals who have worked as underwriters for major insurers, we are fully-equipped to help you find the policy that offers the best cover and at the best price – especially when it comes to unique policies, such as visitor attraction insurance.

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