Beauty Therapist Insurance

You provide an invaluable service to your customers, helping them feel confident and ready to take on the world. You trained diligently to perform the perfect spray tan, shape eyebrows and apply make-up to suit any skin tone or occasion. To protect all your hard work and the good name you’ve built over your career, beauty therapist insurance offers the ultimate peace of mind that you’ll be covered should the unexpected happen.

We know that forming excellent therapist-client relationships is the key to success in the beauty industry. Word of mouth is a crucial advertising tool, and to ensure you maintain your glowing reputation, insurance allows you to deal with problems swiftly and professionally.


Why do I Need Beauty Therapist Insurance?

Though you take health and safety very seriously within your role as a beautician and understand all the necessary precautions for applying products to your client’s skin, issues can still arise. Even if you do everything by the book, sometimes a client will experience an adverse reaction, and you could face a costly legal claim as a result.

As beautiful and tranquil as your salon may be, if a member of the public trips on a wire and injures themselves, again, your business could be left with a compensation claim. Mobile beauticians also face a range of risks, including claims should you accidentally damage your client’s property during an appointment – for example, by spilling spray tan on their carpets.

You may have purchased a lot of expensive equipment for performing your beauty treatments, from spray tanning booths to laser hair removal tools. The theft or damage of your equipment could represent a significant loss to your business, so ensuring these are covered by self-employed beauty therapist insurance will mean you don’t end up out of pocket.



What is Covered by Beauty Therapist Insurance?

You may offer a wide range of treatments as a beauty therapist, from nails and eyebrow tinting to massage and waxing. The core elements of a comprehensive policy should provide you with an appropriate level of protection no matter how many treatments and therapies you offer.

Public liability insurance for beauty therapists is at the heart of a therapist’s insurance because this is the cover you will call upon should a client or member of the public make a claim against you or your business for injury or damage to their person or property. This will cover the cost of defending a claim should you be taken to court, and it will deal with any compensation you are found liable to pay.

Treatment liability cover is used to handle claims pertaining to injuries or illness that a member of the public claims resulted from one of your treatments – for example, skin irritation, burns, adverse reactions or musculoskeletal injuries resulting from manual beauty treatment. You can set the level of cover to meet the degree of risk associated with the treatments you perform. A beautician who does nails and make-up may need a lower level of cover than one who performs chemical peels and electrical or laser treatments.

If you sell products to your clients for them to use at home, you might like to include product liability cover. This will deal with any claims for adverse reactions or damage linked to the items you sell – whether you stock them within a salon or sell them as a mobile beautician.

Equipment, tools and stock cover can help guard against losses from theft or damage, and if you own or lease a salon, you may choose to protect your fixtures and fittings with contents cover.

If you employ staff members, even part-time, by law, you must add at least £5 million of employer’s liability cover to your policy.


Is mobile beauty therapist insurance different?

Although it’s always important to take out a policy that best reflects the nature of your beauty business, the key covers are the same whether you have a bricks and mortar salon or are a mobile therapist.

You may be able to pay less for your premium with mobile beautician insurance because you won’t need cover relating to a physical property.

Be sure to tell your insurer if you’re a mobile beauty therapist, as your insurance will need to cover the transport of any expensive equipment or stock you’d like to protect.


Park Insurance specialises in protecting small businesses. With decades of experience supporting the UK’s entrepreneurs, we’re well-placed to help you create the right policy for your beauty business. Championing the bespoke approach to insurance, our friendly insurance experts will learn all about your treatments and working environment before curating cover that gives you ultimate peace of mind.

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