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Where would we be without plumbers? Coming to our rescue when we’re faced with dreaded leaks in our homes and workplaces, plumbers offer an invaluable service. If you’re a sole trader in the plumbing business, taking out plumber insurance protects your finances and gives you all the peace of mind you need to work safely within the trade.

Park Insurance understands that no two days are the same for a plumber and that no two plumbing businesses are alike. To offer you ultimate protection, a tailor-made plumbers liability insurance policy reflects all the risks associated with your work and serves to give you peace of mind that your finances are protected, whatever happens.

Read on to learn how insurance for plumbers can enhance and safeguard your business, whether you work alone or employ a fleet of plumbers.


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What is plumber insurance?

This specialist insurance comprises a range of covers that serve to protect self-employed plumbers and plumbing businesses. The main cover offered is public liability and, if you employ workers or sub-contractors, employer’s liability insurance. You may also wish to add other useful protection, such as vehicle, personal accident, and business equipment and tools cover.

The purpose of plumber insurance is to protect you against claims made by customers or other members of the public. It also takes care of the financial impact of unforeseen events that can hamper your ability to run the business, such as a broken-down van, damaged tools, or an injury that stops you from working.


Do plumbers need public liability insurance?

Plumber’s public liability insurance protects against claims made by members of the public for either injury or damage to personal property.  Given that plumbers enter people’s homes and workplaces and carry out their work on plumbing systems, it’s a good idea to take out public liability insurance to ensure that any legal fees or compensation arising from a claim can be covered.

Things sometimes go wrong on a job, no matter how experienced and diligent a plumber is. If a customer’s pipe bursts after you work on it, damaging their flooring or even injuring them, the associated legal costs can escalate rapidly. Public liability coverage prepares you for the unexpected, allowing you to quickly resolve any issues, thereby maintaining your all-important reputation.

Though currently not a legal requirement in the UK, public liability safeguards both the plumbing business owner and the members of the public.


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Do I have to include employer’s liability in my plumber insurance?

Currently, in the UK it is a legal requirement to hold at least £5 million of employer’s liability cover if you hire any staff.  Even if you only hire a sub-contractor labourer or apprentice to help you on a part-time basis (including family members), you still need to ensure your insurance for plumbers includes this coverage.


Can I insure my plumbing tools and equipment?

Where would a plumber be without the tools of their trade? If the equipment you use to carry out your work is accidentally damaged or stolen, it could leave you unable to work and unable to earn. Nothing could be more disheartening than losing the tools and equipment you’ve invested your hard-earned money in, so plumbers are wise to protect these assets.

Adding tools and equipment cover to a plumber insurance policy allows you to quickly get back up and running by ensuring the timely repair or replacement of tools or equipment.


Can plumber insurance include business cover?

It’s not just claims made against your business by customers that are a threat to your business. There are several risks that can negatively impact plumbing businesses, both large and small.

When you come to Park Insurance to seek protection for your plumbing business, alongside public and employer’s liability, you can add coverage that helps to keep your business safe and secure. This can be achieved with cover such as:

  • Personal accident – which can be particularly important for plumbers who work alone or as part of a very small team.
  • Business interruption – offering a financial cushion should your business suddenly be unable to operate, for example, because your premises or equipment are damaged.
  • Vehicle/fleet – a plumber’s vehicle is crucial to their business, from those out-of-hours emergency callouts to the daily jobs, a plumber needs to transport. Vehicle or fleet cover can take the stress out of vehicle breakdowns, allowing plumbers to get back on the road and earning as quickly as possible.
  • Cyber – with so many companies holding confidential data and information on their IT systems, this cover protects against cyber security breaches.

Can I use plumber’s liability insurance if I’m a contractor or sub-contractor?

As a contractor, you’ll want to think about the public liability cover discussed above. If you use sub-contractors and they are under your supervision, you’ll need to let your insurer know, as they must be covered by your policy. If sub-contractors work unsupervised, they should arrange their own insurance.

If you work as a sub-contractor, you may find that many contractors will request sight of your insurance before allowing you on-site, so it’s a great opportunity to protect your business and expand your work opportunities.


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Does plumber insurance cover different types of working environments?

At Park Insurance, we understand that a plumber’s risk can vary depending on the location they work in. The level of risk associated with working in a domestic property differs from that of working within commercial premises or a building site, for example. It’s important that plumbers discuss with their insurer their typical working environment, as this allows the insurer to assess risks accurately and set the appropriate level of cover.

With over two decades of experience working alongside tradespeople in the UK, Park Insurance is expert in creating bespoke insurance policies that keep businesses financially secure. When you get in touch with one of our insurance experts, they’ll take the time to learn all about your plumbing business, assess your risks, and suggest optimal coverage. Get in touch with Park Insurance today to see how your plumbing business can best be protected.

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