Bouncy Castle Insurance

bouncy castle insurance

Providing bouncy castle hire on any scale can be a rewarding and lucrative way to make a living, whether you’re a small independent firm operating locally or a nationwide supplier.

But of course, even fun and seemingly harmless events can end in accidents, for example, if a child lands awkwardly or falls off the bouncy castle and injures themselves. In such instances, as the provider/ operator of the equipment, you may be left liable to claims for compensation, whether the blame should rightfully fall on you or not.

On the other hand, your inflatables may be stolen, vandalised, damaged or destroyed by fire or another unforeseen circumstance or your pumping equipment may cease to work. Such events can cause you to lose out on valuable business, in addition to creating extra costs associated with replacing or repairing the damaged equipment. Even for companies that deal with inflatables, it can be hard to bounce back at times like these.

That’s why obtaining bouncy castle insurance that covers all eventualities should be a top priority.

Keep on bouncing with bouncy castle insurance

Park Insurance have more than two decades of experience in finding insurance policies that are perfectly matched to the commercial needs of all types of businesses. With relation to the doom and gloom situations mentioned above, we can arrange bouncy castle insurance for you which includes public liability or personal liability insurance to cover you against any compensation claims, and equipment insurance that will cover the cost of replacing damaged equipment.

We can even arrange business interruption insurance, which will pay out in the event that you are unable to operate as normal for a period.

Whatever type and size of inflatables you use and the scale of your business, Park Insurance can find you the exact bouncy castle hire insurance you need, and at an unbeatable price.

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