Mobile Catering Trailer Insurance

Catering trailer insurance

Go to a village fete, a pop-up farmer’s market or a race day at Brands Hatch, and you’ll see plenty of mobile catering trailers. From burgers to sushi, vegan wraps to jacket potatoes, mobile catering is big business. If you’re hitching up a specialist trailer and heading off to a different venue every day, you need mobile catering trailer insurance.


Why is mobile catering trailer insurance important?

If you’re running a mobile catering business, your trailer is your livelihood on wheels. A food truck can cost anything from £5,000 to £50,000, depending on the equipment, how it’s been outfitted, and the supplies you carry. Even an entry-level, second-hand trailer will set you back at least £1,000. An investment of that scale needs protecting, especially when it’s the foundation of your entire business venture.


What kind of insurance do I need?

Mobile catering trailer insurance not only needs to cover your trailer, it also needs to protect your business too. Catering trailer insurance is specially designed to pay out if your trailer is damaged when you’re on the road or at an event. This includes your appliances, fittings and the trailer itself. However, we recommend that you put together an insurance package that includes:

  • Public liability insurance – to protect yourself against personal injury claims from customers or claims for damage to property
  • Stock cover – if your refrigeration system fails or your stock is damaged, this will pay out the value of the stock lost
  • Business interruption insurance – if you can’t operate your business, this will cover your lost income
  • Commercial vehicle insurance – if you’re using your vehicle to tow your mobile catering trailer, then your vehicle is being used for commercial purposes. You’ll need the right kind of vehicle insurance to cover any accidents on the road.
  • Legal cover – if you have to employ a solicitor to represent you, legal cover will make sure you’re not left out of pocket.


 Do I really need mobile catering trailer insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement to have catering trailer insurance. However, when you consider that your business relies on your trailer, it would be a considerable risk not to ensure it’s covered as comprehensively as possible. Insurance not only protects you against damage but also theft. Not all catering trailers are big, boxy trucks. Eye-catching vintage caravans, American airstreams and even vintage jacket potato trailers are increasingly popular and highly desirable.


Is there anything it doesn’t cover?

Bear in mind that most mobile catering trailer insurance won’t cover third-party towing liability. This needs to be a part of your commercial vehicle policy, so you’ll need to double-check that it’s included in your motor insurance with your insurance broker.


Do I have to lock it up?

Your trailer needs to be secure, so you may have to comply with minimum requirements such as a hitch lock and a heavy-duty wheel clamp to keep your trailer safe.


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