Non Standard Home Insurance

At Park Insurance we understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to home insurance policies. Your home doesn’t always fit a set blueprint or conform to a set of common standards, and you’re not the same as everyone else. That’s why we ensure that our panel of insurance companies can provide cover for the majority of non-standard buildings and situations.

What is non-standard home insurance?

There are a wide variety of ways in which you might require non-standard home insurance.

Firstly, you might find it difficult to obtain regular home insurance because of the property itself. For example it might have a non-standard construction, or the property might have a history of subsidence or be underpinned.

But it can also be because of your situation. If you have an adverse claims history or have previously been declined/had your home insurance cancelled then you may struggle to obtain insurance. Previous convictions, bankruptcy and being away for long periods can also mean that you are in need of non-standard home insurance.

Benefits & cover available for non-standard household insurance

At Park Insurance we provide non-standard insurance for all kinds of situations and people, including:

  • Asylum Seekers/ DSS/ Students/ Tenants
  • Flat and buy to let
  • Converted churches
  • Holiday homes and vacant property
  • Non-standard construction/ flat roofs
  • High-risk flood properties
  • Subsidence & underpinned property
  • Insurance for people with legal issues, high risk occupations and poor claim histories

Non-standard properties we can cover

We specialise in finding the right insurance whatever your property type and can cover:

  • B&B’s
  • Listed properties
  • Timber/ steel-framed properties
  • Eco homes
  • Non-standard constructions and building materials (such as cob and Stramit)
  • Properties in conservation areas
  • Renovations
  • Non-standard occupancy and special circumstances (eg. childminding)

Cover Provided

  • Buildings and contents insurance
  • All risks and accidental damage options
  • Emergency home assistance and family legal protection.

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