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Chubb Masterpiece – High Value Insurance

Chubb have been established for over 115 years with the Chubb Masterpiece product that is synonymous with exceptional High Net Worth Insurance cover, and a claims service which is second to none.

Main Policy Covers

The contents cover is worldwide and ‘All Risks’. All claims are settled on a ‘new for old’ basis, including clothing. There is no ‘average’ clause so no under-insurance penalties. Valuations are not required for any item under £25k (£50k for art policies). If specified for art that is damaged, not only will Chubb repair the damage, but also compensate for any loss in value as a result of the insurance claim. Chubb can appraise your property providing peace of mind that you are adequately insured for both your buildings and contents.

Although taking into account security devices when rating a risk, Chubb unlike most insurers, will not insist on security and will not penalise you should the security not be operational at the time of a claim. In addition, for anybody travelling to North America, the Policy automatically provides cover for up to £1million for third party liability and physical damage for any vehicle you hire or borrow. You will no longer need to purchase expensive top-up covers.

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Optional Additional Covers

The policy can be extended to include comprehensive annual travel cover along with legal expenses. Both sections offer very generous cover limits in keeping with the Chubb High Net Worth Insurance philosophy.

World Class Claims Service

Chubb’s policy on claims is simple. Contact is made within 24 hours of receiving claim details. As soon as settlement has been agreed, a cheque will be issued within 48 hours. Over 98% of policyholders surveyed, rated Chubb’s claim service as good or excellent. Unlike most insurers, items need not be replaced and Chubb will offer full cash replacement without deduction.

Simplicity of doing business

  • No proposal forms or claim forms
  • All matters processed via telephone, e-mail or fax
  • 12 months interest free credit

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