Specialist Vehicle Insurance

For many drivers, cars are a passion rather than simply a mode of transport. Classic cars, high-value cars, recreational vehicles, imported cars, military vehicles and modified cars are just some of the types of motor that can require specialist motor insurance. At Park Insurance, we work directly with teams of insurers who specialise in insuring cars that fall in the category of specialist cars.

Many car enthusiasts look to the continent to find the car of their dreams. In addition to the costly process of importing the car, some vehicles have to be modified and tested in accordance with the Single Vehicle Approval scheme. On top of that, there is also the factor of grey import vehicle insurance to consider – a type of insurance that many companies simply do not deal with.

If your car comes from beyond the EU, perhaps the USA, you will have to source a company that deals with American car insurance. These specialist forms of insurance are designed to cover the technical specifications of vehicles that may comply with the safety standards of the country in which they were made, but do not fully fall into line with those of the UK.

Finding insurance for these and other specialist vehicles can feel like looking for the Holy Grail. The insurers we work with offer a range of specialist motor insurances, including military vehicle insurance and camper van insurance. We’ve even been asked to source rickshaw insurance!

Using our partnerships with specialist insurance companies and our industry know-how, we can source the right companies on your behalf and contact you with a free, no-obligation quote. Our service can save you both time and money, whilst ensuring you get the policy that is best for you and your vehicle.