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In a litigious society, Public Liability Insurance is essential no matter how insignificant you perceive the risk. The UK now has a compensation culture and many local authorities are now requiring plot holders to have £5 million worth of allotment insurance cover as part of the terms of any lease agreement.

To the average plot holder, this may seem excessive especially following a number of reports in the national press regarding extortionate costs of public liability insurance for allotment tenants. To read these reports you would feel this is the end of the road for the allotment, with allotment insurance costs forcing the price of renting a plot well beyond the reach of the most plot holders.

This is where Park Insurance can help as we have negotiated a scheme that is very competitive – so your allotment can continue with peace of mind.  Our allotment insurance policies are thorough enough to give you the protection you need, but are affordable – giving you the cover you need at a very competitive price.

Your cover protects you from claims made against you for:

  • Injury to any person
  • Damage to Property

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