Fast Food Delivery Insurance

Fast food delivery insurance

Rather than heading out to a restaurant, more customers are now using apps like JustEat, Uber Eat and Deliveroo to have their favourite fast food delivered right to their door. That has created a whole new generation of delivery drivers and couriers working hard to service a growing market. Food delivery insurance ensures that you’re fully covered while you’re working to keep the nation fed as a delivery driver.


What is fast food delivery insurance?

Unless you have specialist hire & reward food delivery commercial cover, standard vehicle insurance will not protect you if you have an accident when you’re delivering to your customers. Food delivery insurance means that you’ll be covered while you’re working. It’ll also keep you on the right side of the law. If you only have ordinary car insurance and you’re being paid to deliver food, your insurance policy may be invalid, and you could be in serious trouble if you get stopped by the police.


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    What else can I get cover for?

    Fast food delivery insurance deals don’t just cover your vehicle. At Park Insurance, we recommend that you put together a package of cover that protects you as well as your vehicle. These should include:

    • Public liability insurance – covers you against the financial cost of personal injury or damage to property claims
    • Legal cover – helps to soften the financial burden of legal expenses if you need to appoint a solicitor
    • Business interruption – if you cannot work, then business interruption cover will help take the worry out of covering everyday bills and living costs.


    How much is fast food delivery insurance?

    Prices on food delivery insurance will vary. It will also depend on specifics such as your age, your driving record, and the type of vehicle you want to insure. You’ll also have to think about what time of the day or night you work (if you’re primarily working at night, then your insurance may be higher as there’s a greater chance of having an accident).

    You’ll also have to factor in the amount of excess you are prepared to pay: the more excess you pay, the cheaper your insurance.


    Insurance for new and experienced delivery drivers

    Whether you’re one of the new generation of delivery drivers who are just starting out, or you’ve been taking pizzas and profiteroles to customers for years, there’s a food delivery insurance deal for you. By giving your broker as much information as possible when you’re looking for cover, they’ll be able to find a deal that suits both your requirements and your budget.


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    At Park Insurance, we have decades of insurance experience working with small businesses, sole traders, and everyone in between. Our team aren’t just experts in insurance. They understand the challenges you face every day as a business person. We specialise in insurance for the fast-food industry, as well as commercial vehicle cover for all kinds of industries. Our team can put together a package that includes all the cover you need to give you complete peace of mind and keep you on the right side of the law. If you’re looking for fast food delivery insurance, complete the form below or give us a call on 0117 955 6835 today.