Fairgrounds and Circus Insurance

Fairgrounds and circuses are much safer places in the 21st Century than they were even 10 years ago. However, while accidents and injuries are rare, if things do go wring they can have drastic consequences. If there’s a hole in your fairgrounds and circus insurance policy or it’s even expired, then you could be looking down the barrel of a significant law suit. Park Insurance can help you change that.

A Niche Market

We began as a family-run company over quarter of a century ago. In that time, we’ve made the move to specialise in sourcing watertight insurance policies for those working in niche markets – particularly in the leisure and entertainment industries. Although it might be a while since our brokers have been on a rollercoaster, they are more than aware of the challenges faced by circus and fairground owners. In fact, when it comes to the legal aspects, they are often more well informed.

Specific Amendments

Fairgrounds and circus insurance policies are part of a specialist market. By their very nature, the staff public and even the vehicles involved can be exposed to higher and more specific levels of risk than in other industries. As a result, it’s often hard to find an insurer to back them and they can often cost. With our years of experience and expertise in this market, we have built up strong relationships with a number of insurers and can negotiate both specific policy amendments and favourable terms. From public liability insurance to employer’s insurance and interruption of business cover, we can provide you with a watertight policy at the best price. And there’s no need to worry about loopholes. Many of our brokers have put in their time as underwriters for insurance companies and know when the small print isn’t telling the whole story.

You want your customers to enjoy themselves without putting themselves in danger. However, accidents do happen and it’s then that you want a policy that covers all the bases. Park Insurance is here to help you create a bespoke, specialist fairground and circus insurance policy that’s right for you. Call us today for further information.

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