Airsoft Insurance

Airsoft is fun, it’s thrilling, it’s action packed and exciting. And as with most things that warrant that many adjectives, it’s also not without risk.

Though you are already undoubtedly using a full range of safety equipment (goggles, masks etc), to protect participants from the impact of airsoft pellets at range or at close quarters, accidents are by their nature impossible to predict or to fully prevent.

Protect yourself with airsoft insurance

Having adequate public liability cover as part of your airsoft insurance package is the only solution for protecting yourself against the possibility of a participant becoming injured as a result of an accident on your site.

Such accidents might be a result of defective safety equipment, may stem from inexperienced staff omitting vital safety instructions, or even be caused by a simple trip or slip. Whatever the cause or the nature of the accident, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a compensation claim to the tune of many thousands of pounds. Public liability insurance ensures that you won’t be out of pocket and that business can go on as usual.

What Park Insurance can do for you

Here at Park Insurance we’ve got over two decades of experience in finding the best, most cost-effective insurance policies for business of all types. Our experienced staff can help you identify exactly what your business requires in its airsoft insurance package – such as public liability, employers liability and equipment cover – and then use their expertise to find a deal that is the perfect match.

Airsoft is of course supposed to be about fun, thrills, action and excitement. We can help you get the more mundane matter of your insurance sorted, so you can focus on providing those to your clients.

For a friendly informal chat about your airsoft insurance needs, and to get a free quote with no obligation, give us a call today.

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