Black Cab Insurance

If there’s one thing that everyone instantly recognises, it’s a black cab. They’re so iconic that you can buy models, or even souvenir mugs and tea towels with that distinctive image printed on them! Our country’s black cab drivers are renowned for their experience, their honesty and their work ethic. So it’s only fair that they have specific taxi insurance that matches their needs – and that’s where we can help.


At Park Insurance, we’ve been specialising in exclusive and bespoke insurance cover for our clients for over 20 years. Our experience, not just in the world of insurance but also our expert knowledge of our customers’ occupations, means that we know exactly what our clients want. And we also know that they want it for the right price, too. And that includes the thousands of taxi drivers who trust us to find the right insurance for them.


Black cab insurance you can count on


We know that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer to specialist insurance, so our expert advisors create bespoke black cab insurance packages that are tailored to your exact needs.


One of the issues we often come across is shared cabs. For those starting out in the business, we know it can be expensive to buy your own cab, so often two drivers will sometimes ‘share’ ownership of a cab to cut costs. Our black cab insurance can be tailored to fit your needs, even if you only own 50% of your vehicle!


We’re also able to arrange fleet insurance for taxi companies running several black cabs, as well as:



Our team of expert advisors use their experience to create a black cab insurance package that is specifically designed to meet your precise requirements. We’re also aware that price is a significant factor, so we use our status as preferred brokers to the UK’s leading insurance providers to find deals that suit your budget too. From entry-level packages to complete cover for large fleets, our black cab insurance is adaptable, flexible and designed around you.


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