Residential Park Home Insurance

Residential park home insurance

Residential Park Home Insurance You Can Trust

Park Insurance offers a wide range of competitive residential park home insurance policies specifically to protect residential park and mobile homeowners’ property and possessions.

Usually located on private estates, residential park homes are particularly popular with first-time buyers and retirees as they are often more affordable and require less maintenance than traditional homes. However, finding appropriate residential park home insurance isn’t always easy.

Now help is at hand, Park Insurance’s knowledge of this specialist insurance area, combined with more than two decades working as professional insurance intermediaries, has established us as the go-to experts for creating bespoke insurance policies.

Whether your residential park home is your permanent address or somewhere you like to spend just weekends and holidays, we can develop a unique tailor-made residential park home insurance solution for you. And while you may think developing a bespoke solution is costly, the opposite is true.

As an insurance broker – as opposed to an insurance company – we aren’t tied to a particular insurance product. Instead, we can select the most competitively priced policies from a wide range of insurers. This flexibility, together with the costs we save from operating as an online company, allows us to offer the most competitive insurance policies on the market.


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Here are a few key benefits your residential park home insurance will include:

  • New for old cover for your residential park home and its contents
  • Removal of debris, movement to another site and reconnection fees if your residential park home is irreparably damaged
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Alternative accommodation costs (if your residential park home becomes uninhabitable)
  • Legal expenses (including if a dispute arises between homeowner and site owner)
  • £5 million public liability cover
  • Cover for replacement keys and locks
  • Frozen and refrigerated food cover
  • Discounted rates for clients aged 50 and over


You will also have access to the following:

  • Bicycle cover
  • Cover for outbuildings, fences, patios and garden area
  • Cash and credit card cover
  • Cover for personal effects you use when not at your park home, e.g. mobile phone and camera


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Why is residential park home insurance important?

Insuring a park home is different to insuring a bricks and mortar residence. To protect your treasured getaway, you must ensure you get your insurance coverage right. Park homes need to be insured as a non-standard risk. Therefore if an insurer offers you a much lower premium price than other companies, it is likely that the insurer is not offering you the correct type of policy.

The construction of a park home and the unique set of risks it faces means that you need a specialist policy to offer all the protection you need. Repairing a park home can be expensive. Obtaining insurance that will comprehensively cover the cost of repairs or replacement is essential.


How much insurance cover do I need?

You must take out the right level of park home insurance cover. Often the location of a park home can leave the structure vulnerable to bad coastal storms, while the homes’ proximity to one another on the site can mean a fire can cause a total loss. To be completely protected, you must take out sufficient cover for a complete rebuild.

It is your responsibility to ensure your insurer offers sufficient cover for this rebuild. A good insurance company will understand the nature of the materials used in the park home and the associated costs. They will ask you for the make and model of your park home, as this will allow them to calculate your replacement costs accurately.

You will need to check with the site owner whether they insure the base of your park home. Park homes on most serviced sites have a base covered by the owner, which means they will generally cover the costs of base damage or loss relating to subsidence or flood damage.


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Will park home insurance cover my contents?

Just as you may take out buildings and contents cover for a standard domestic property, so might you like to include contents on your park home insurance policy. From your IT equipment to cherished paintings and furniture, you can choose the level of cover you’d need to replace these items should the worst happen.


Why do I need public liability insurance?

A residential park home insurance company usually adds a minimum of £5 million public liability cover to your policy. This coverage will protect you if a member of the public is injured or their personal property is damaged on your property. The close proximity of park homes to one another and the potential for high footfall near your property make public liability cover a crucial financial safety net.


What affects the cost of my insurance?

Several factors will influence the price of your premium, including:

  • Size – the larger your park home is, the more it’ll cost to repair or replace it
  • Age – older homes will have declined due to use and the great British weather and are therefore viewed as a greater risk
  • Security– sites with excellent security and park homes with fitted anti-intruder devices will allow you to reduce your premium due to the decreased risk of criminal activity


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