Funeral Director Insurance

Funeral director insurance

Funeral Director Insurance

Every undertaker’s business needs comprehensive funeral director insurance to protect their interests, and those who look after us in our final hours are no different. Funeral director insurance gives your business the protection you need from financial worries by providing full cover for almost every eventuality.

At Park Insurance, we’ve been working with customers to bring them affordable, comprehensive cover for over 20 years. Our position as approved brokers for some of the UK’s largest insurance providers means that we can hunt down the best deals, no matter what your business needs.

Funeral director insurance is usually a package of different types of cover, often referred to as Commercial Combined Insurance packages. This should include public liability cover, employer’s liability cover, insurance to protect your premises and everything you use to carry out your occupation, even vehicle insurance.

Keeping you on the move

Because hearses are a very different category of vehicle, funeral director insurance cover will take this into account, providing you with affordable, reliable cover for every vehicle used.  From horse-drawn carriages to the latest, top of the range limousines, our specialist team will be able to find you affordable, comprehensive cover.

Looking after you and your business

We never know what’s around the next corner, and if you are unable to work or something happens to your premises that prevents you from carrying out your operation, then it can have an immediate impact on your income. At Park Insurance, we can include cover that provides you with an income even if you’re unable to work for some time due to illness, injury or other circumstances. Our interruption of business cover protects your business too, while public liability insurance means you’re financially protected from the costs of any compensation claim brought by a member of the public.

What next?

Your business is focused around looking after the families of loved ones during their darkest time. So the last thing you need is to worry about whether your funeral director’s insurance package gives you the cover you need. Let us do that for you – at Park Insurance our experts don’t just understand insurance: they understand business too. So they’ll work with you to create a package that gives you peace of mind, and at a price you can afford.

To find out more about our funeral director insurance cover, contact us today and talk to one of our qualified, experienced advisers for further information.

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