Children’s Indoor Play Centre Insurance

As the owner or manager of an indoor play centre you’re undoubtedly well versed in all the health and safety issues that must be considered with such premises. You’ve probably also taken all reasonable steps to ensure that your premises are safe, secure and fit for purpose.

But if you still have a little niggle lurking at the back of your brain that tells you there’s still something extra you can do to safeguard the financial wellbeing of your business, it may well be time to take a look at insurance for your children’s indoor play centre.

Protecting your business and its assets

Indoor play centres are of course all about children having fun. But a closer look reveals many risks, despite even the best intentions and preparations.

As a provider and operator of children’s play equipment you have a very strong duty of care to maintain. Regular safety checks and procedures are an essential part of avoiding accidents, but they can never prevent them from happening entirely. Public liability and (where applicable) products liability cover as part of your children’s indoor play centre insurance can protect your business from the financial consequences should a rare accident take place.

It’s not just the children who may be at risk on your premises though. You also have a duty of care towards your staff, and employer’s liability insurance is compulsory. This part of your cover will protect you financially in the event that an employee has an accident and files a claim against you.

Park Insurance – the best indoor play centre insurance, the best prices

At Park Insurance we can locate the best children’s indoor play centre insurance policy for you, covering not only your staff and visitors, but also your property, equipment and anything else you need.

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