Inflatable Play Equipment Insurance

As a provider or hirer of inflatable play equipment, you and your products are inevitably in contact with the public on a daily basis. Coupled with the fact that the inflatables you deal in – whether bouncy castles, slides, inflatable ball pits, sumo wrestling suits or anything similar – are highly susceptible to being damaged, a robust insurance inflatables insurance policy is essential for maintaining the good health and name of your business.

But what should be included in an inflatable play equipment insurance policy, and how can you get a good deal?

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At Park Insurance we’ve got extensive experience in providing businesses of all types with exactly what they require. Our skilled advisors can help you to determine what you need to fully protect your business, and they will then work hard to find inflatables insurance that offers best value.

For companies that provide or hire out inflatable play equipment of any kind, public liability cover should be the backbone of your policy. This will protect you in the event that a child or adult suffers injury or loss as a result of your equipment. Product liability cover may also be appropriate, and this is something we can advise you on.

If you have anyone working for you, employer’s liability cover is a legal necessity, and will protect you from the financial burden of compensation pay-outs should an employee make a claim against you. We cover all aspects of inflatables insurance and help you find the policy that’s right for your business.

Get the right inflatables insurance for your inflatable play equipment business

You should also as a matter of course take steps to pre-empt the theft, damage or loss of your equipment as it is integral to your whole business. We can find you the most competitive deal on equipment cover, and incorporate it into your tailored inflatable play equipment insurance policy.

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