Inflatable Play Equipment Insurance

As a provider or hirer of inflatable play equipment, you interact with the public on a daily basis. This poses business risks. Additionally, the inflatables you deal in – whether bouncy castles, slides, inflatable ball pits, sumo wrestling suits or similar equipment – are highly susceptible to damage. As such, a robust inflatables insurance policy is essential for securing the future of your business and maintaining your professional reputation.

But what should an inflatable play equipment insurance policy include? And how can you get a good deal?


What is inflatables insurance?

Inflatables insurance is a specialist business cover that protects your company from the financial costs associated with work-related accidents and incidents. Operating an inflatable play equipment business involves unique risks, which you need to mitigate to protect your livelihood.


What businesses benefit from inflatables insurance?

Businesses that will benefit from insurance include:

  • Rental companies – businesses that rent out inflatable equipment for parties, festivals and other events.
  • Event organisations – businesses that organise events featuring inflatable equipment.
  • Leisure centres – businesses such as recreation centres, indoor play areas and family entertainment complexes.
  • Retailers – businesses that sell inflatable play equipment.
  • Residential camps – businesses that organise and run summer camps and similar residential programmes.


shows children playing on the bouncy castle - inflatable play equipment insurance


What it doesn’t cover

While most inflatables insurance will provide comprehensive cover, there are instances when your insurance will not pay out. These include:

  • General wear and tear
  • Unauthorised use
  • Instances where operators have been negligent
  • Failure to follow safety processes
  • Use of equipment in uninsured locations.


Types of inflatable play equipment insurance

Inflatables insurance policies are built around the various types of cover on offer, enabling you to create a bespoke policy that reflects your business needs.


Public liability

Public liability cover should be the backbone of any policy for companies that provide or hire out inflatable play equipment. It will protect you if a child or adult suffers injury or loss while using your equipment.


Employer’s liability

If you have anyone working for you, employer’s liability cover is a legal necessity. It will protect you from the financial burden of compensation pay-outs should an employee claim against you. We cover all aspects of inflatables insurance and help you find the right policy for your business.


Equipment insurance

As a matter of course, you should also take steps to pre-empt the theft, damage or loss of your equipment, as it is integral to your whole business. Park Insurance can find you the most competitive deal on equipment cover and incorporate it into your tailored inflatable play equipment insurance policy.


Product liability insurance

Ideal for equipment manufacturers and retailers, product liability insurance covers claims that arise due to product defects or manufacturing failures.


Event insurance

If you are an event organiser, event insurance will cover the use of inflatables at specific times and locations. This is particularly valuable if you only require insurance for short durations.


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Do I need inflatable play equipment insurance?

Insurance is highly advisable for all businesses involved in the renting, manufacture, retail or operation of inflatable play equipment. Injuries and accidents are not uncommon, and inflatable play equipment businesses are uniquely exposed to several risks. Inflatables insurance covers you in the event of an accident, ensuring your business is protected against unforeseen financial losses and legal liabilities.


How much does inflatable play equipment insurance cost?

How much you pay for insurance is largely determined by the extent of your coverage. Key factors include:

  • The types of insurance you require.
  • The size of your business and how many inflatables, employees and locations the insurance covers.
  • Your business’s geographic location.
  • Whether you have a history of claims.
  • The total value of your inflatable equipment.


Get covered with Park Insurance

At Park Insurance, we have extensive experience in providing businesses of all types with cost-effective, tailored insurance policies. Our skilled advisors can help you determine what you need to protect your business adequately. They will work hard to find inflatable insurance that offers the best value.

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