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There’s nothing quite like a good party, and in this country, we have a reputation for knowing how to pull out all the stops. From community-minded street parties to elegant garden parties and fun-filled birthday parties held at a special venue, we Brits know how to make our guests have the best time! 

To ensure nothing spoils the event that you’ve worked so hard to organise, taking out party insurance makes sure you’re financially protected should anything go wrong. With insurance cover in place, you can focus on creating an unforgettable event, and should the worst happen, you won’t be left out of pocket.


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What is party public liability insurance? 

Celebration insurance is a collection of covers that help protect you should a member of the public at your party injure themselves or damage their personal property. It can also protect any equipment at the party, whether you’ve hired, borrowed, or personally own it. 

Whether your party is a lively event with children running around and adults drinking and dancing or a quieter affair with formal dining and entertainment, accidents and mishaps can occur. When people are in unfamiliar surroundings, especially if they’ve enjoyed the complimentary bar, trips, falls, and spillages are far more common. 

Financial responsibility stops with you if any equipment being used at the event, from the sound system to the furniture, becomes damaged, lost, or stolen. 

Suppose you know you don’t have the personal finances to legally defend a claim or pay out the compensation relating to one of these incidents. In that case, the simple solution is to take out party insurance. You’re likely to find that many venues now request that anyone holding a party at their premises holds at least £2 million in public liability cover.  

If you’re hiring staff or volunteers at your party, celebration insurance can also be tailored to include employers’ liability cover. This will be used should anyone working at the event claim that they were made ill or injured as a result of this employment. 

Sometimes you face the worst-case scenario of the party being unable to take place on the planned date. This type of insurance is important because it can protect you against the significant financial losses associated with this outcome.  

To summarise, you can expect protection against: 

  • Injuries to members of the public 
  • Damage to personal property (including the venue) 
  • Claims made by staff and volunteers 
  • Damaged, lost, or stolen equipment 
  • Unforeseen cancellations or postponement of the party 
  • Party abandonment 


What isn’t covered? 

It’s important to know exactly what kind of claims and losses would be covered by a standard party insurance policy, but it’s just as important to know what you won’t be covered for as standard, which includes: 

  • Covid-19 related incidents 
  • The failure of vendors to supply your goods or services, such as the caterer, décor supplier, florist, or entertainer cancelling or failing to appear
  • The failure of guests to attend 


What types of cover can be included in my policy? 

Public liability is key in a party insurance policy, and did you know if you’re holding a street party, it is currently a legal requirement to hold it? Likewise, employers’ liability is a legal obligation if anyone works for you at the party. 

Your insurance will also include event equipment cover, which you can use to make a claim should any of the gear you’ve used at the party incur accidental damage, theft, or loss. Even if you’ve hired a sound system, bouncy castle, or disco lights, you still need to hold this type of cover as you cannot rely on the hiring company’s insurance.


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Who can take out party public liability insurance? 

Party public liability insurance can be taken out by anyone organising a private party. Whether it’s being held at a private home, an academic institution, an office, a hired venue, or on the street, you can apply for this type of policy. 

If you’re an individual organising a party for yourself or a loved one, you can take out a policy that covers the one-off event. Party planners can speak to their insurer about tailoring a policy that covers multiple events across a year. 


At Park Insurance, we understand that you want your party to be perfect. Get in touch with us today and let one of the friendly experts guide you through all the party insurance cover you’ll need for the type of party you’re planning, and enjoy the benefits of a bespoke approach to insurance cover.  

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