Liability Insurance

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If you’re in business, then you’ll already be familiar with the concept of liability insurance. However, most liability insurers provide £1million, £2million or £5million liability limits, which although may be perfectly adequate for the majority of situations, won’t always provide you with the cover you really need.

At Park Insurance, we’ve spent over 20 years working with individuals and businesses to provide them not just with the insurance they want, but the insurance they need. And that includes specialist liability insurance cover to provide them with an extra level of protection.

Excess Layer Insurance

One of our primary liability insurance provisions is the ability to source excess layer insurance for businesses who find their current public liability insurance coverage isn’t sufficient for their needs. So if you’re a large commercial developer and are about to take on a project that requires an additional £5million in liability cover over your normal policy, we can help.

Protecting your land

Normal liability insurance coverage may cover your business premises, but does it cover any land you own? For allotment owners (including councils and private owners), car park management teams and developers, land insurance can provide specialist protection that isn’t normally covered by standard public liability insurance.

From jam makers to multi-national operations

Whether you’re a one-man/woman operation selling homemade jam at your local farmer’s market, or a multi-national property developer, you are responsible for the well being and safety of your employees and anyone who visits your premises or site, including delivery drivers and customers. Liability is something that every operation should take seriously, as failing to do so can cost you and your business a fortune.

Today, online liability insurance coverage is becoming just as important as ‘real world’ cover, especially if you are selling products or services online. At Park Insurance, we’re at the cutting edge of insurance, and as we have our own online operations in the form of Easy2Insure too, we are well aware of the responsibilities online traders have to their customers. So we can provide businesses with online liability cover that will protect you against claims connected to your digital operations.

Market traders often face challenges that are not encountered by shop owners. So our specialist market trader insurance increases your normal level of cover to include claims brought by customers, deterioration of stock and even cover for your stock when in transit by ship or plane.

Park Insurance’s position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s leading insurance providers, as well as our experience, expertise and contacts within the industry put us in a unique position to be able to help you. Find out more by selecting the specialist liability insurance cover for your business on our drop-down menu, or call us for more information.

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