Nobody can guarantee that you’ll always have a set amount of money coming into your business or bank account. But you can safeguard yourself against serious financial issues by taking out the right type of financial insurance. At Park Insurance, we’ve been helping businesses and individuals protect their monetary assets for over 20 years, by providing the best in financial insurance packages that minimise risk and maximise peace of mind.

Doing business

For businesses of all sizes, insurance is a must-have. For directors and CEOs in particular, the exposure to personal financial risk can be considerable, especially if your business is going through tough times. It only takes a few non-payment of bills by clients and your cashflow can be dramatically affected.

Our directors and officers insurance provides you with an extra layer of protection. It covers employee claims, creditors and insolvency issues through to harassment or negligence claims. Our directors and officers insurance helps to protect you, your finances and your business.

Product recall insurance is there to protect your business if you have a problem with a product and have to recall a batch or run. Whether this is due to accidental contamination or malicious tampering, our product recall cover will help your business to absorb the costs of a recall and protect you financially against any compensation claims.

Pension Trustee Insurance

The Pensions Act 2004 has brought in changes to the duties and obligations of trustees, including a new statutory requirement for ‘knowledge and understanding’. Trustees who breach their duties or responsibilities may be putting their personal assets at risk should they be held accountable for any loss that can be shown to be as a result of their actions. With so much at stake and pensions under the spotlight, it’s wise for trustees to protect themselves and their assets by taking out pension trustee insurance.

Individual protection

If your mortgage repayments depend on your monthly paycheque, then any interruption due to illness or injury can leave you and your family financially exposed. And worrying about your finances is never the best medicine if you’re trying to recover from an illness. At Park Insurance, we can offer individuals the added security of critical illness protection, income protection and mortgage payment protection, so you can focus on getting back to normal.

Our position as preferred brokers to the UK’s largest insurance providers, connections to Lloyds of London, as well as over two decades of experience, means that we’re able to offer you the very best in comprehensive, affordable financial insurance, whether you’re a business or an individual.

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