Ice Rink Insurance

Whether they’re outdoors and seasonal or indoors and open all year round, ice rinks can provide a lot of fun for people of all ages.

But fun is not always without risk, and as you’re probably only too aware, accidents do happen. That’s where ice rink insurance comes in handy.

Public liability cover for ice rinks

In most instances minor falls and bumps will likely be the fault of the individual and your company will not be legally culpable. But in other cases it may be possible to put the blame on you, the ice rink operator.

This might be because of malfunctioning equipment, cracks or other imperfections in the ice, or anything else where it can be proved that the accident occurred as a result of something your company did or didn’t do. Though such accidents are likely to be relatively few if you’re operating according to health and safety requirements, just a few compensation claims may be all it takes to cripple your business financially.

Having ice rink insurance with sufficient public liability cover is a simple and effective way of protecting your business from such claims.

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At Park Insurance we’ve got more than two decades of experience in finding insurance policies for businesses of all shapes and sizes which are specifically tailored to them.

As well as public liability ice rink insurance and employer’s liability cover at unbeatable rates, we can provide you with comprehensive ice skating rink insurance that protects your business against a host of risks. Commercial buildings cover will protect you in the event of damage to your premises caused by fire, vandalism or other damage, while business interruption insurance means that even if you’re forced to close the rink for a period, you won’t lose a penny.

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