Street Party Insurance

Bring out the bunting – it’s time to think about the endearingly British street party. A summer staple, a street party brings locals together to eat, drink and party as only the Brits can. Getting together and feeling part of a community has taken on a new level of importance in recent years, so there’s never been a better time to organise a street party.

Whether you’re hosting a traditional street party for your neighbours or participating in one of the trending kids’ street parties, make sure you’re prepared should an attendee hurt themselves or damage their property during the party. Street party event insurance ensures that the organisers can let the good times roll, safe in the knowledge that they’re protected should the unexpected happen.

If you’d like to learn more about just what street party insurance offers, read through our frequently asked questions section to discover the benefits of this specialist insurance.


Can you get public liability insurance for a street party?

In the UK, there is currently no legal obligation for event organisers to take out public liability insurance. However, the law does hold you liable for any personal injury or property damage attributable to your event. Unless you’re confident that you could cover the cost of the legal fees and compensation that could arise from such claims, public liability coverage is an excellent idea.

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What coverage is included in street party insurance?

In addition to offering public liability insurance to cover claims made by members of the public for injury or personal property damage, street party insurance typically includes:

  • Employers’ liability cover – which, under current UK laws, is a legal obligation if you pay anyone to work for you. This cover is used to handle claims made against you by employees – including those who only work for you for a short period. You might think you don’t need this coverage if you’re hiring people you know. Actually, even if you’re paying friends to serve or entertain at your street party, by law, you’ll still need to hold a minimum of £5 million of this cover. The only exception to this rule is if your staff are immediate members of your family.
  • Equipment cover – from your numerous trestle table and chairs to your sound system and décor, this cover will guard against financial losses caused by accidental damage, theft or loss. This cover can be used whether you or a local owns the equipment or if you’ve hired it in. Never assume that hired equipment comes to you insured.
  • Cancellation cover – protects your financial contribution to the street party should your event have to be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. This type of cover offers you great peace of mind should the unexpected happen. Double-check whether you need to add on an extension to cover bad weather for your cancellation cover. We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, so you may want to cover all your bases, even in the summer. If you’re throwing a large street party, you may also like to consider a terrorism cover extension.


I’m only using volunteers at my street party – do I still need employers’ liability insurance?

As long as the volunteers aren’t immediate family members, you still need to take out employers’ liability coverage to safeguard you against claims. This reflects your responsibility for the individuals you have asked to work for you – even in a voluntary context.

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Who can take out street party insurance?

Whether you’re a professional event or party planner or simply a local planning a street party for your road, you can secure this specialist insurance. If you haven’t organised an event before, speak to a friendly insurance provider such as Park Insurance to ensure you take out all the cover you need for your street party.


What isn’t covered by street party event insurance?

There are a few essential points to remember when throwing an insured street party. Your equipment coverage usually won’t cover theft of items where there was no forceful entry or when unattended items were stolen. Likewise, vandalism may not be covered.

Always double-check all your hires, catering and supplies because you may not be covered for their failure to attend your event if you didn’t confirm the booking. If your event is cancelled because you failed to abide by the regulations of your local authority or Highways agency, you won’t be able to make a claim.


If you’re organising a street party and would like some help finding the right insurance, get in touch with one of the experienced, friendly insurance experts at Park Insurance. We have decades of experience in specialist insurance policies. By learning about your event, we can tailor a bespoke street party insurance policy that provides all the protection you need.