Marquee Hirers’ Insurance

Hiring out marquees is unlike most other businesses, so the insurance needed to cover your business completely is equally unique. At Park Insurance we can find the right marquee insurance policy that’s ideally suited to your specific company, and make sure you get an unbeatable deal on it.

With more than two decades of experience in commercial insurance brokering, we understand what business owners require, and how to obtain it on their behalf.

What to look for in marquee hirers’ insurance

Whether you specialise in hiring out marquees for weddings, parties, festivals, corporate events or anything else, public liability cover is an essential component of your marquee hirers’ insurance policy. This will protect your business in the unfortunate event that a member of the public suffers injury, loss or damage to their property as a result of your marquee or related equipment. In effect, if a compensation claim is successfully made against you, it will be your insurance that pays out, not you.

Then there are the risks presented to your marquee stock on a daily basis. Whether they’re being kept in storage, transported or are being used at an event, your marquees are susceptible to being damaged or lost as a result of fire, vandalism, theft and other natural and man-made causes. By including equipment cover for all of your stock in your marquee hirers’ insurance, we can help protect your business against disaster.

Trust Park Insurance to get you a good deal

We can also find you competitive business interruption insurance for your marquee business. This is highly recommended as it means that if the worst does happen and you’re unable to do business for a period, you will be covered for the lost profits.

For a frank and friendly discussion of your needs and a free quote on tailored marquee hirers’ insurance, give our expert advisors a call today.


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