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Erecting scaffolding is essential work and a crucial part of any construction project. But it’s also a role with a number of relatively high risks, so having valid scaffolder’s insurance is crucial. Park Insurance can help you to find not only the scaffolding insurance policy that best fits your situation, but the one that suits your wallet too.

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Whatever the project you’re currently working on, there are risks that are inherent to your role as a scaffolder, whether you’re working as a sub-contractor or as part of a large construction firm. These include:

  • Losing your footing and falling from the scaffolding
  • Being struck by a loose piece of scaffolding
  • Being injured as a result of the negligence of someone else on the construction site
  • Injuring another worker or a member of the public as a result of your own negligence

In a perfect world, none of these scenarios would happen. But as we don’t live in a perfect world you need to safeguard yourself against these risks by having a robust scaffolding insurance policy.

Our experienced professional brokers regularly arrange scaffolder’s insurance and insurance for all other trades within the construction industry, so they can quickly identify the best policy for you.

Types of scaffolder’s insurance

There are a number of different components that you might opt to include within your scaffolding insurance policy, such as:

Personal accident cover – This will cover you in the event that you suffer from an accident at work or outside the workplace which leaves you unable to work for a time or has other further-reaching consequences.

Public liability cover – As you are working at height with hefty pieces of metal and other equipment, there’s always the possibility that you could unintentionally cause an accident that injures a member of the public. Having public liability cover will cover you financially in the event that someone makes a compensation claim against you.

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