Mobile home insurance

Mobile home insurance - Shows three mobile homes by a cliffside

The staycation is more popular than ever in the UK, which means the sale of mobile homes has exploded. If you own a mobile home, you need the right kind of insurance. Mobile home insurance also covers static caravans. And if you rent yours out regularly, you’ll also need to make sure you’re fully insured as a business, too.


What is mobile home insurance?

Think of mobile home insurance as a sort of house-and-contents cover. It protects you financially if you have to replace your mobile home and the contents if they’re damaged or stolen. If you rent out your mobile home or static caravan to other users, your cover can also include some extras to protect your investment and any potential loss of earnings. Public liability insurance may also be a part of your package, which will protect you if someone is injured while they’re on your property.


What type of insurance do I need?

When you’re hunting around for a mobile home insurance quote, it’s essential to ensure that your potential policy is right for you. At Park Insurance, we specialise in tailor-making policy packages for mobile homes that include:

  • Static caravan insurance policy – this covers the actual property and all the contents in it
  • Public liability insurance – if you rent out your mobile property or static caravan and someone is injured while they’re on your property, PLI will soften the financial blow of any compensation claim
  • Legal cover – if you have a dispute with the landowner over maintenance, for example, and need a solicitor, then legal cover will help pay for your legal team
  • Business interruption – if your mobile home or static caravan is a business venture and you hire it out, flood damage or storm damage could really eat into your profits. If you cannot hire out your mobile home due to damage, business interruption will keep the money coming in while you carry out repairs.


What kind of property does mobile home insurance cover?

It offers protection for all kinds of holiday homes, including static caravans, lodges, chalets and park homes. You will need to check with your provider, as different types of properties may require different levels of cover.


What if I live in my mobile property all year round?

If you live in your mobile home as your permanent residence, then you’ll need to look at taking out park home insurance instead.


How do I keep the cost of my policy down?

The easiest way to keep your policy cost down is to beef up your security. From robust locks to CCTV, the more secure your mobile home is, the cheaper your policy will be.


Park Insurance – your mobile home insurance specialists

For over 20 years, Park Insurance has been one of the leading providers of insurance for businesses and private clients across the UK. We don’t just know about insurance. We know about business too. And we’re all keen staycationers here at Park, which means we understand all about mobile homes too. If you’re looking for an affordable mobile home insurance quote, contact us today using the form below, or call one of our friendly team on 0117 955 6835 for practical, no-nonsense advice.