Accident or convictions Van Insurance

There are two things that can send your van insurance costs through the roof; motoring convictions, or accident claims on your motoring history.


It’s estimated that at least one third of all UK drivers have at least one motoring offence endorsement on their licence, whether that’s a three-point speeding offence or something a little more serious. And with more congested roads comes a greater statistical likelihood of being involved in an accident or being forced to make a claim at some stage in your driving career.


For van drivers and those who rely on their vehicles for work, this can have some pretty serious consequences, and can also hit you hard – in your pocket. That’s where we can help.


At Park Insurance we understand that having a speeding conviction or an accident claim is not always symptomatic of a bad driver. So we use our influence as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s biggest insurance providers to find you van insurance that takes into account your past record, but doesn’t penalise you harshly as a result of one-off mistakes.


Not always your fault 

Our 20 years of experience in the insurance industry has taught us that there’s always two sides to every story, and that sometimes making a claim isn’t your fault. Vans are often the target for criminals, and vandalism, theft and damage claims can result in a loss of no-claims bonuses for van drivers. The proliferation of mobile cameras and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software also means that it’s even easier to make a mistake and get caught that one time you put a little too much ‘peddle to the metal’.


We’re not here to judge you, but to help. Our insurance experts can find accidents or convictions van insurance that takes into account your overall driving record, rather than just a single mistake. We can also help you find van insurance that won’t penalise you financially if you’ve lost your no-claims bonus by having to make a claim for damage or theft.


If you’re looking for cheaper van insurance but have convictions or accident, theft or damage claims, contact us today for impartial advice and expert help from Park Insurance.

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