High Value Car Insurance

Insuring an expensive car might seem like an enviable problem, but finding an insurance company who are prepared to insure cars above a certain price-bracket can be a bit of a problem. Indeed, there are some insurance companies who simply won’t insure a vehicle that is worth in excess of £50,000. At Park Insurance, we work closely with a number of insurers who specialise in offering high value car insurance and who have the products you want at the prices that suit you.

Generally, with prestige car insurance, the problem isn’t that you have to pay higher premiums; it’s finding a company who are prepared to offer insurance for cars in certain price brackets. If you do, there are other factors you might want to consider: in the event of an accident, will the insurance company permit you to have your car repaired by your preferred repair centre? If not, does this affect the warranties on parts of the car, such as paint? How readily available are replacement parts for your car and does it concern you that the parts used might be generic, rather than model-specific? In choosing your executive car insurance, you want to be sure that the future of your car is in safe hands and that any repairs will be carried out to the standards you require.

We act as a ‘go-between’ between you and the insurers. The insurers we work with will have the financial products you need, and we will work on your behalf to secure you favourable terms with them.