Stock Car Circuit Insurance

They may not have the glamour of their more sophisticated motorsports brethren, but for many people the familiar short oval of the local stock car circuit is the place to kick back and watch some thrilling, wheel-to-wheel action at the weekend.

Though there are fewer circuits than in previous years, Britain still has a large number of oval tracks that continue to entertain and spur on competition, whether with banger racing, hot rods, F1 Stock Cars or any of a number of racing formulas that use them.

Tailored stock car circuit insurance

At Park Insurance we can find a stock car circuit insurance policy that takes into account the particular challenges faced by such venues, as well as the specifics of your track.

Employer’s liability is of course mandatory, and we can find you all the cover you require at a highly competitive price. Public liability insurance is also essential, as it will protect you financially in the event that an avoidable accident takes place at your circuit which injures racers or spectators.

Park Insurance – Protecting your interests

Ownership of a stock car circuit represents a considerable investment and level of financial commitment. To safeguard your investment it is highly recommended that you take out a sufficient level of cover to protect yourself in the event of fire, vandalism or other damage taking place. As well as covering the cost of your material losses, we can also provide you with stock car circuit insurance which will cover any revenue losses you incur through not being able to open the track for business.

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