Gadget Insurance

How much do you love your gadgets? Does your life revolve around SMS messaging, FaceBook and Twitter? Check your pockets right now – if you’re a ‘tech-head’ then the chances are pretty high that the gadgets you’re carrying around in your pocket are worth hundreds of pounds. From iPhones to computer tablets, MP3 players and a wealth of other technology, we are all becoming walking gadget stores.

But if the worst happens and you lose or damage your precious smartphone or your iPad is snatched out of your hands by a thief, do you have the insurance to cover your loss?

Trust the experts in specialist insurance

At Park Insurance we have years of experience in providing our customers with bespoke insurance packages that are flexible enough to suit any lifestyle. We’re there for the big things like public liability insurance and home insurance – but we’re there for the little things too, like insurance for iPods and special gadget insurance for all your tech. Our tailor-made insurance packages are designed to adapt with you. Covering theft, damage or accidental loss, our gadget insurance packages are as modern and as up to date as the latest Android phone, so that no matter where you are, you’ve got peace of mind knowing that your gadgets are fully covered.

Work, rest and play

Gadgets aren’t just there to entertain us, and we know that modern businesses now rely on being able to connect to their workforce wherever they are. So if you’re a company that relies on smartphones to do business or stay in touch with a mobile workforce, talk to Park Insurance. Our experts can work with you to find insurance deals that will cover any gadgets you issue to your employees to do their job. Our status as preferred brokers to many of the UK’s top insurance providers means that we have the resources, the contacts and the know-how to get you the best insurance deals at the best prices.

For more information and a friendly chat with one of our expert advisers, contact us today.