Skate Park Insurance

The skate park is a place for learning new tricks and honing old ones, for having fun, hanging out, showing off, training and trying something new. It’s many things to many people and a positive influence in many communities, but it’s also a potentially hazardous environment where accidents can happen.

While as a skate park operator you no doubt take your health and safety duties very seriously, accidents can occur despite your best intentions and efforts. To further safeguard both the wellbeing of your park’s users and the continuing operation of your site, public liability cover is an absolutely essential component of your skate park insurance policy. This type of insurance will cover you financially in the event that someone injures themselves or their property as a result of your supposed negligence while using the park facilities.

If your skate park is staffed you’ll also need employer’s liability cover as a matter of legal obligation. This effectively covers you for all costs in the event that a paid employee or a volunteer is injured on your site while carrying out their duties.

Tailored skate park insurance policies from Park Insurance

At Park Insurance we know that no one skate park is the same, and that the size and type of the park, as well as the facilities provided and other factors are important in determining the level of insurance needed and the cost of a policy. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ skate park insurance policies, so we’ll work with you to create one which is specifically designed for your park.

We can offer a full range of insurance for skate parks and products that can be tailored to suit your exact needs, such as equipment and premises cover.

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