Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

The risk of extortion, kidnap, ransom, hijack and detention is a consideration for many international business or oil company executives, multinational executives, high net worth individuals and celebrities. Our insurers have a lot of experience dealing in conflict insurance, war zone insurance and kidnap and ransom insurance.

Kidnap and Ransom for Executives

If your organization has commercially sensitive executives employed in key roles, then kidnap cover may be an appropriate protection. Particularly if your employees work overseas in countries with uncertain political stability or significant exposure to kidnap and ransom activity. War risk insurance or terrorism risk cover can be vital cover if your executives are operating in countries in conflict.

High Net Worth Individuals / Celebrity – Many high net worth individuals or celebrity individuals are also a target.

Kidnapping used to be confined to a few parts of the world and was targeted at political or wealthy individuals. Now kidnap is not just restricted to areas of conflict and known targets, it is being seen all over the world and the victims are more often random, with payment of the ransom demand being the most common method of achieving a safe return.

Cover will often include hijack, kidnap, detention and bodily harm cover as well as threats, property damage and product damage. Policies can be highly tailored to reflect the risk that an individual faces.

Your company could benefit from Kidnap, Extortion and Detention Coverage if you:

  • Operate overseas
  • Send executives, employees or representatives overseas on business
  • Conduct business in high-risk territories, including Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East
  • Are involved in the aviation, oil, energy, construction, banking, telecommunications, utilities, mining or manufacturing industries
  • Are involved in reconstruction projects in Iraq or Afghanistan

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