Paintball Insurance

From humble origins as a kooky sport created by two friends in the US in the early 1980s, paintball has gone on to become a hugely popular global sport. With that increased popularity have come better safety regulations and equipment that have dramatically reduced the likelihood of injuries and accidents occurring.

But even though safety gear is worn, and the guns only shoot plastic pellets filled with paint, paintball still involves large numbers of people running around and shooting projectiles at each other. Accidents, though rare, can happen, in the form of trips, slips, projectile injuries and other incidents.

Public liability cover as part of a complete paintball insurance policy will protect your business from the financial consequences of any compensation claims brought against you. It is also a basic requirement for accreditation by the UK Paintball Sports Federation.

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Park Insurance have more than 20 years of experience in brokering insurance deals for a huge range of companies of all types. We can help you identify exactly what you need out of a paintball insurance policy, and then set about getting the best deal for you.

As well as public and employer’s liability cover, you should seriously consider including cover for your premises and your equipment as part of your policy. Without these your paintball site would be unable to function, so this kind of cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can replace any or all of it should disaster strike, without extra cost to you.

You may also with to add paintball business interruption insurance, which will pay out if you are unable to open for a period because of damage to the site or your equipment.

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