Fitness Instructor Insurance

Being a fitness instructor can be a highly satisfying job in which you help people to feel better about themselves, get healthier and craft the kind of lifestyle and good health techniques that they want. But as with most public-facing professions it is not without its risks, and it’s important to protect the health of your business too, by taking out a suitable fitness instructor’s insurance policy.

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For more than two decades, Park Insurance has been helping professionals and businesses across all sectors to find the insurance policies that are right for them. Our brokers are experts in their field, and know the ins and outs of insurance for the health and fitness sector in real detail. That means they can use their position as independent advisers to get you maximum cover at the best possible prices.

As a fitness instructor, whether you run your own business or work for a gym or related health and fitness company, you are exposed to a certain amount of risk every time you go to work. If one of your clients suffers an injury during one of your training sessions then it is quite possible that they could pursue a personal injury compensation claim against you. If you’ve got public liability and fitness instructors insurance though, you’ll be financially protected against this eventuality.

It is of course also possible though that you yourself could sustain an injury at work or elsewhere, or succumb to illness, and be unable to work. We can provide you with personal accident insurance cover, which can provide you with a vital income in the event that you’re unable to continue working as an instructor, temporarily or permanently.

As part of your policy, we can also arrange insurance cover for any vehicles or equipment that you use in your job, further protecting your livelihood.

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