Beauty Salon Insurance

Everyone wants to look their best, and hair and beauty salons have become a familiar fixture on our high streets. From specialist nail and manicure centres to traditional barbers, hair and beauty salons serve a public need that’s growing on a daily basis.

A beauty salon is a sanctuary for its clients, and as a beauty business owner, you want to keep these clients, your staff, and your finances safe with beauty salon insurance. From dewy skin and chic nails to hair removal and eyebrow shaping, a salon is a hive of activity. Though you run a tight ship at your premises, when you perform beauty treatments and work within a salon environment, things can go wrong. Be prepared for every eventuality with salon insurance.


What is beauty salon insurance?

Beauty salon insurance is a collection of covers that protect your business against the most common risks faced at the salon. Because you work on and around members of the public, you’ll receive cover against claims for injury and personal property damage, and you can include cover for adverse reactions to treatments.

Insurance can protect your equipment and products and you can include coverage for your premises within the policy.


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Who needs salon insurance?

Though the relaxing music, scents of aromatherapy oils, and friendly therapists provide a soothing ambience in the salon, unfortunately, things can go wrong. If a therapist spills massage oil on the floor and a client slips and hurts themselves, they could claim for compensation. Should a bottle of nail polish spill onto a client’s expensive handbag – you’ll be liable to pay. Adverse reactions and injuries caused by beauty treatments are a therapist’s worst nightmare, so be ready to protect your business with beauty insurance.

This type of policy can be used to protect a range of salons, including:

  • Beauty salons
  • Hair salons and barber shops
  • Nail bars
  • Complementary health clinics
  • Hair removal clinics
  • Aesthetic clinics

If you work with members of the public and offer non-invasive beauty treatments and procedures, insurance can mitigate the risks your business faces. Whether you run a high-street salon or have a treatment room at home or within another salon, this specialist insurance can be tailored to meet your needs.


What are the benefits for my business?

Beauty salon insurance is all about financial peace of mind. You hold great responsibility when you perform beauty treatments. The fear of something going wrong and the business facing a compensation claim can weigh heavily on the mind of a salon owner. A comprehensive insurance policy allows you and your staff to work with confidence, upholding your high working standards, and be safe, knowing that if an accident happens, your business finances are protected.

With a range of covers to choose from, insurance allows you to pick and choose, creating a policy that suits the style of beauty business you run.


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Insurance for a salon vs a beauty therapist

Whether you’re a busy salon with multiple therapists or a self-employed beautician working from home, you face many risks. The core covers for a salon and an individual therapist are the same. A salon can simply add additional protection to protect its staff, premises, equipment, and stock.

When you take out a policy with Park Insurance, we’ll find the right types and levels of coverage. This prevents therapists from overpaying and salons from leaving themselves vulnerable to uninsured losses.


Finding the right cover

Beauty salons must consider various risks that could pose a significant financial burden. These risks can be addressed by:

  • Public liability cover – From paying customers to members of the public entering your salon, public liability cover protects you against claims they make for injury or personal property damage.
  • Employer’s liability – UK law dictates that you must hold at least £5 million in employer’s liability cover if you employ staff. You will fall back on this protection if a staff member claims they became ill or injured during their employment within your salon.
  • Treatment risks cover – don’t make the mistake of thinking public liability will cover issues like an allergic reaction to a treatment or a musculoskeletal injury following a massage. You will need treatment risk covers to deal with such claims.
  • Tools, equipment, and stock cover—protect your beauty tools, equipment, and products against loss, theft, and damage and ensure your staff and you can always perform treatments.
  • Buildings and contents – protect your premises, its signage, and the salon’s fixtures and fittings. If you have a busy urban location, check whether this cover includes vandalism.
  • Personal accident cover – if an accident leaves you unable to work, who will run the salon or perform treatments? Take the financial worry out of this scenario with personal accident cover.
  • Business interruption cover – Keep your finances stable should your salon be forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances with this useful cover.


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How much does beauty insurance cost?

Beauty therapist insurance for self-employed therapists starts at just a few pounds a month. Salon insurance costs are a little higher as there are more risks to cover, and this coverage is often set at a higher level. When your premium is being calculated, you will be asked about the number of employees, your premises, and the type of beauty treatments offered.

For over 20 years, Park Insurance has been working with the retail and service sector to provide individually tailored, unique insurance packages that are industry-specific. We don’t just know the insurance business – we know your business too.


Park Insurance – we know your business

We focus on what the client needs, as well as ensuring your hair and beauty salon insurance cover is affordable. We use our considerable buying power and position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s largest insurance providers to get you a great deal on everything from business liability insurance and employer’s liability cover through to interruption of business insurance and building and contents cover.


Industry-focused insurance

We understand that the hair and beauty industry faces some unique challenges in their day-to-day operations, and can provide industry-focused insurance cover that responds to those challenges.

Any customer-based business is also going to be subject to the whims of a fickle public. So we put together beauty salon insurance packages that will leave you free to focus on providing the best possible service for your clients, while our trained brokers take care of the paperwork for you.

We can also arrange personal liability insurance to cover individual stylists against personal compensation claim litigation, as well as overall cover for the business itself. Our aim is to provide you with salon insurance cover that protects your clients, your staff and your business – and at a price you can afford.

To find out more about our beauty salon insurance cover and to discuss your needs with a qualified, professional broker, call us now. We can give you impartial, no-nonsense advice, or fill in our form for an instant, no-obligation quote.

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