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We all love to enjoy ourselves, even insurance brokers. But if leisure isn’t just a hobby but your business, you need to protect your assets and your business reputation. If you’re in the leisure and entertainment industry, it’s great to see your customers having a good time. But when things go wrong, you can be vulnerable to compensation claims that could seriously impact your business.

That’s where leisure insurance plays a crucial role in protecting your finances and your business’ future. While everyone’s having a good time, there’s always the possibility of injury or damage to property. Tailored insurance ensures that, as the operator, you are financially protected against the costs of legal fees and compensation claims if the worst happens.

At Park Insurance, we have over 30 years of experience providing specialist leisure insurance cover to a huge range of sectors – from theme parks and fairgrounds, health clubs and gyms to DJ insurance, cover for amusement arcades, and pub and restaurant insurance. Indoors or outdoors, high-octane or laid-back leisure, our team can find the right insurance policy for you.


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Specialist leisure insurance that suits your business

The trouble with ‘generic’ insurance is that it often doesn’t take into account your industry’s individual and often unique characteristics. While standard policies such as public liability insurance and employer’s liability cover are business standards (and in the case of ELC, obligatory if you employ people), you may still need an extra layer of protection designed specifically for your operation.

For example, a business hiring out marquees or bouncy castles will have different needs (and risks) from one that organises outdoor activities such as kayaking, climbing or paintballing. Sports and leisure clubs may need insurance that protects their equipment (and their players) while they’re away from their usual site or ground. Organisers running off-road experiences will also have to factor in higher potential risks associated with larger vehicles, even if attendees use the site in their own trucks, quads or bikes.

The truth is that even when your customers are all having a great time, you need to ensure you have complete peace of mind and that your interests and finances are protected.


What could happen?

Leisure insurance packages look at the potential for liability claims against the policyholder for injury or damage to property as a direct result of their operations. For example, a bouncy castle operator could be held responsible for any injuries to users if a tether line isn’t secured correctly.

Paintball operators can face compensation claims for trips and falls, while off-road site operators could find themselves having to pay out for damage to a vehicle as a result of an incorrectly marked route. Even the simplest things can lead to litigation, so insurance has to be taken seriously.


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What’s on offer?

At Park Insurance, we work as brokers to bring you the best leisure insurance from some of the UK’s biggest insurance providers. We provide speciality insurance for a wide range of niche markets, From Airsoft insurance to Visitor Attraction insurance. Our wide selection of specialist cover ensures that whether you’re running a full-time leisure business or need insurance for a one-off street party, we can help. We can also source individual cover for sole operators such as personal trainers and sports instructors, as well as large-scale cover for stadiums, showpeople’s vehicles, inflatable play equipment cover, and music venues. No matter what aspect of the leisure and entertainment industry you’re in, Park Insurance can find you the right cover at the right price.


30+ years of expertise and experience

At Park Insurance, our expertise covers not only standard insurance but niche and specialist requirements too. Thanks to our experience dealing with leisure industry businesses, we understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to insurance and that every business is unique. So we use our position as preferred brokers to the UK’s largest insurance providers to source the most appropriate – and affordable – specialist leisure insurance available.

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and we’re pretty good at matching the perfect insurance cover for every client, regardless of the size of their operation, its nature, or any specialist requirements. Our advisors all have plenty of ‘real world’ experience, so they can talk to you not just as an insurance specialist but as a business expert too.

Whether you’re in the music industry or hire marquees for weddings and events, an activity leader, a sports coach, or run a go-kart circuit, find the right insurance for your business with Park Insurance. Call us today on 0117 955 6835 or fill in the online form, and we’ll get right back to you.


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