Showmens Legal Protection

Why buy Showman’s Business Legal

Park Insurance is pleased to have negotiated a bespoke business / legal protection product with specialist legal insurance provider ARAG specifically aimed at showman.

Showman like any other business operates in an increasingly litigious environment. In recent years there has been a massive increase in legislation that must be adhered to particular around Health & Safety.

What is Showman’s Legal

Showman’s Legal is a product that provides legal services / support and insurance. It will provide legal costs if you become involved in a range of disputes. In addition you will benefit from having access to a 24 hour, 365 day legal & Tax helpline, and a document service for the downloading of legal documents related to your business activities.

Key Areas of Cover

  • The cover will provide up to £100,000 Limit of Indemnity for each and every claim.
  • Tax – Cover for a formal or aspect enquiry into your business and personal tax affairs and appealing proceedings following an assessment by HMRC relating to VAT
  • Health & Safety / Criminal – Defending a HSE or Criminal prosecution (including motor)
  • Statutory Licence Protection – Appealing a decision to revoke, alter or suspend a statutory licence
  • Dedicated Legal & Tax Advice – Unlimited access to 24/7 legal & Tax advice
  • Legal Document Max – Access to over 100 legal documents to assist with business activity (e.g. Health & Safety Policies and Employment Contracts)
  • Employment Disputes Cover
  • Property Protection – Damage to material property that you own (including nuisance & trespass)

Sample Claims

  • Tax – An ARAG policy holder was informed by the HM Revenue & Customs that they were going to be subject of a full enquiry. ARAG instructed a Tax specialist who responded to the enquiry, ARAG settled the tax consultant’s invoice of £6,750/
  • Health & Safety – Following an incident on a ride where a child was injured our policyholder contacted ARAG and we sent a lawyer to attend the meeting. The solicitor was able to resolve the issue. The policy paid the legal costs of £1250.
  • Motor Prosecution Defence – A policyholder was stopped for drink driving and prosecuted, due to this being the 2nd occasion the courts wanted a custodial sentence, The ARAG appointed solicitor defended the policyholder who received 150 community service and no prison sentence. ARAG met the legal bill of £1330 plus VAT.
  • Employment – A member of staff was dismissed for Gross Misconduct after turning up for work intoxicated. The former employee made a claim for unfair dismissal. ARAG took the claim on and defended the case successfully the policy covered the solicitors fees of £9000.

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